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.blog or .similar extensions are self limiting. (1 Viewing)


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Nov 4, 2020

.blog domain extensions are a poor choice to run your business or blog on.

Why do I say that?

Lets look at a business called Joe's TV repair who now also fixes cell phones.

Does he rename to Joe's TV and Cell repair?

Same goes for a business located on Front Street called Front Street Dental.
The business grows strongly and moves to main street and is still called Front Street Dental.

When picking a domain extension it is also wise not to lock yourself onto one specific category. A blog for instance can get very popular and morph into a business website. So locking yourself into a niche category extension can eventually be harmful to your business.

If you plan on never changing from a blog, then sure go ahead, but the thing about life is we are always changing and we should pick or domain extension as carefully as we pick our business/domain name.