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Nov 7, 2020
Vernon, BC
FYI, I've been noticing that Bodis is ignoring the keywords I set for advertising and displaying potentially infringing ads. I've also emailed James @ Bodis about it a couple weeks ago but never got a reply. I just sent another email. I'm guessing this is more widespread of an issue rather than one off case since I stumbled on the same issue with another one of my domains today. So be aware that if you parked a domain at Bodis and manually set keywords to take advantage of traffic but avoid specific trademarks, it probably aint working!
I was up and running at bodis for a few days and instantly had trademark hits so I removed the domains, it's not worth the risk for a few cents parking income.

That said their for sale landers are really nice looking and if they had ssl then it would be a sweet setup. Mind you they make no money on that so it's not sustainable for them without the parking.

James got back to me quickly with an explanation. My understanding now is that specifying terms like I was trying to do can be handled by tier-1 providers only as seeds/suggestions, or applied to tier-2 providers as exact match, but that has to be set by Bodis, not by the user...

So while the first scenario might provide more revenue, the second scenario gives you control over what search terms the user can see. Both have their needs.

Lets say I have two very similar domains, AutoInsurance and CarInsurance (not my domain), but one of them gets 10x more type-in traffic than the other. The one with the more traffic will be in theory, the better optimized one as it has more data to work with. As such, I'll try and replicate the high trafficked keywords to the lower trafficked domain in order to optimize it better/quicker.

The other scenario is where you have a generic word that has a generic usage, but, someone has a very specific trademark to use that generic word in a different way that its intended. The only way you can safely park your generic domain is to ensure that the TM usage doesn't come up. So for example, lets say you have (not my domain) and someone else has a trademark on Cookies ashtrays or Cookies marijuana, both of which actually have pending trademarks. Having ads to sell cookies is great, having ads to sell ashtrays or pot related stuff is bad. This is where being able to specify exact search terms for ads is important.

In any case, I'm asking bodis to make those choices an option. Both clearly have legitimate uses and needs.

Having that option might alleviate the risk & concerns like @MapleDots pointed out that scared him away...

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