Bored Ape #8817 NFT sold for record 3.3 million USD (2 Viewing)


Same place that sold this...

As reputable as it gets
Notice it's a gold ape.

A little while back every BAYC holder of an nft got what I think was called a mutant serum for free from the creators. You add it to your ape and it created a new mutant ape nft, or something like that. Then those nft's became worth 1000's or ten of thousands. Anyone who held one or more of these from close to the start needless to say has done extremely well. They seem to have built a pretty good community around these nfts which will probably persist like the crypto punks have. I heard there is going to be a real life yacht party for the holders, can you imagine what that would be like?
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The nft market has gone too crazy for me, if there is ever something like a crypto winter where they drop in price severely I'd look at cherry picking some of the better known nfts because it would probably rise up again.

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