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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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[h]Brent Oxley Loses Access to Millions of Dollars Worth of His Domains[/h]

Brent Oxley, the founder of HostGator, has been accruing a portfolio of ultra-premium domain names since he sold his hosting company for close to $300 million in 2013.

With purchases such as for $500,000, for $375,000, and for $1,007,500, Oxley has spent millions of dollars over the past few years accumulating this collection. According to his website, the portfolio is worth more than $25 million.

Oxley has now, however, lost access to a proportion of his portfolio after GoDaddy locked 25 domain names as a result of a lawsuit filed by an Indian domainer., one of the most valuable domains Oxley has lost access to, is home to his new hosting company.’s launch was a much-anticipated return to the hosting industry for Oxley, where he made his mark founding HostGator.

Oxley confirmed, though, that his new hosting business wouldn’t be affected by the locking of since the domain is only used for sales and has nothing to do with the hosting servers that keep his customer’s sites online.

Read the full story here:
That's some scary news, can't wait to see the full details on that one.

Sounds like you wouldn't want to have your domains at GoDaddy. Of course I don't, nor would I ever, but maybe some of you who do use them should reconsider.
So happy I no longer deal with them *THUMBSUP*
Real shock to me was Francois’s comment in the article that GD never let Brent know. He only found out when he tried to send Francois some names :eek: ...what a shocker that would be.
Very pertinent comment:

Why does GD bend over? Because they have legal presence in India? Lesson to use but US-only registrars.
DomainRecap said:
Why does GD bend over? Because they have legal presence in India? Lesson to use but US-only registrars.

That is a very good point that I had not thought of before. Staying with a Canadian registrar would greatly reduce the chances of that.

Thank you for that comment, it is definitely food for thought.
Brent Oxley chimed in the blog post's comment section today, with lots of interesting details:

Puneet spent a little over $12 in India, and without proof, a contract, or even a court order, was able to abuse Godaddy’s policy and lock over $10mm worth of my domains!

These names have been locked for over a year now, and I’ve spent $10,000’s in legal bills trying to get a court order to get them unlocked as Godaddy requires. (covid hasn’t made it easy with the courts) The legal fees pale in comparison to the millions in deals I’ve had to turn down. The lock prevents you from changing a domain’s DNS or transferring it, which means you can’t sell it.

This scam is pretty genius if you think about it. Just about any scammer in the world can file in their country courts for a small fee; email GoDaddy that the domains are under “dispute,” and bam Godaddy will lock whatever domains the scammer asks them to in their email to (at least that’s what happened to me)

The scammer doesn’t even have to show up for court to keep your names locked and most likely won’t. Godaddy will lock the domains without a court order and then require you to get a court order to unlock them all.

Getting a court order to get your domains unlocked is very costly, time-consuming, and can take several years with how backed up most of the courts are from Covid.

If you’re with Godaddy and you think your account is safe from this scam, I’d recommend you email them and find out for yourself that your names can be locked from a “dispute.” their UTOS says cearly says this.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I had a few moments of weakness and offered the scammer Puneet over $10,000 to drop the “dispute” with Godaddy. I even had some of the potential buyers wanting to pay Puneet $10,000’s in extortion money in order to close on the names locked. He was too greedy, demanding millions, and as a result, I’m not going to pay him a dime in extortion money. Instead, I’m paying lawyers in India to make sure he serves prison time for both extortion and fraud.

At one point, I even offered Godaddy full indemnification from the “dispute” if they unlocked my names. This is off the table now, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why’d they turn this down and continue to keep my names locked without any proof or court order.

Below is the email in which I found out why my names were locked. In this email Godaddy lied about there being a court order to lock my names. I don’t know why they lied about this but I’m guessing it’s because the file Puneet attached was in Hindu and they took his word for it.

“Dear Brent,

We have been notified that per documents filed in the District Court in Alwar, Rajasthan, the domain names below are the subject of a legal dispute:



The court ordered that the domain names are to be locked pending further order of the court. Accordingly, we have locked the domain names.

If you have any questions regarding these actions or this court case, please contact the Court or Plaintiff’s Counsel directly. Contact information for Plaintiff’s Counsel can be found below:

Puneet Agarwal

** email removed **

Kind regards,


Disputes Administrator


When I pressed them on there being no such legal ruling or court order, they quoted their UTOS:

“Per Section 14 of GoDaddy’s Universal Terms of Service (“UTOS”), we reserve the right to lock domain names to defend any legal action or threatened legal action without consideration for whether such legal action or threatened legal action is eventually determined to be with or without merit.

I’m positive Puneet is insane. He has sent me thousands upon thousands of emails, messages, calls, etc, etc. Many of these messages involve death threats, talking about praying to the devil, drugs, pictures of mutilated naked bodies, and all kinds of craziness. In a few of the messages, he told me he got in trouble for waiting outside Prime Minister Modi’s private house and office for trying to talk to him. I’m not sure I would have even believed this if it wasn’t for him sending over a document that was an official complaint against the officer that questioned him for harassment!
This is going to hurt godaddy big time, my discount club is about to expire there.

God if only WHC had a decent control panel!!
MapleDots said:
This is going to hurt godaddy big time.

I would imagine so. For the millions they spend in customer acquisition, they let go of thousands by a poor decision.
Anyone could set up this little extortion scheme and GD goes along with is nuts and I can’t imagine the stress Brent is trying to cope with.
Eby said:
I would imagine so. For the millions they spend in customer acquisition, they let go of thousands by a poor decision.

Have you seen the size of the Indian market and their mushrooming population? Scary in terms of carbon footprint and human race viability, but corporations don't care about that "are we going to be around in 25 years" crap and only look at the sheer numbers and potential profit.

GD obviously had to agree to all kinds of crazy requirements to get into India, so as long as this situation doesn't go viral in the larger world, I'm sure they think screwing a few Americans is worth the payoff. Otherwise, they wouldn't have locked these domains.
Namecheap stood up and refused to lock the domains

I understand that after Oxley moved his domains to Namecheap, Agarwal contacted Namecheap asking for Oxley’s names to be locked, a request that Namecheap declined. I contacted Namecheap for comment. I was told:

“Namecheap always puts our customers first, protecting their right, freedoms and valuable digital assets such as domain names. We have a proven track record of doing the right thing by our customers that includes fighting for their rights in court when deemed necessary. We do not lock or disable customer domains on a whim without the correct legal requirement.”
It would be interesting to get a Canadian Registrars perspective on this

[notify]efalcon[/notify] from whc - can you specify your companies position?

[notify]CanSpace[/notify] - can you specify your companies position?

The topic has exploded in the internet space and godaddy is losing tens of thousands of domains.

Are we any safer moving to a Canadian entity?
I am trying to get a response from (not as well to see what their response is.

[notify]Nafti[/notify] I think you have contacts there, could you send them a link to here?
GoDaddy is to India as the NBA is to China.

That's why Paul at GD doesn't actually say anything concrete on Twitter and he's just gabbering to quiet the masses because of the enormous amount of Indian money at stake.

After all, it's not like GD has been holding these domains hostage for over a year. It hits online and suddenly GD is "very concerned" about it and is looking for "solutions".

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