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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I am currently using GoDaddy for a lot of domains and I have two accounts there, one is an account for my son and it also has about 600 domains.

The problem is their bulk tools have stopped functioning properly a few months back and even the reps have acknowledged it to me and every time I need to make changes they offer to manually do them for me. Nice gesture but a pain in the royal beehive.

Having been a client of WHC and Canspace I notice they are using the exact same software. In fact other than WHC applying a gradient colour (which I don't care for) the control panels, including billing, are identical.

I did not mind the bulk tools but found them more cumbersome to use than the godaddy ones but quite honestly at this point I will pick cumbersome over non functional.

Any experience with bulk tools at other .ca registrars?
Namespro bulk tools are very limited. You can do bulk renewals and registrations. Bulk DNS is available but you have to enter each one individually in a list... you don’t have a “select domains” option but I suppose copy/paste might ease the process.

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