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Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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Hiring a buyer’s broker can be a smart decision a company makes when attempting to acquire a domain name. A buyer’s broker can anonymize the buyer and potentially save in acquisition costs. Simply using a domain broker for an acquisition may not be enough to get a good deal for a buyer. A domain broker may mask his or her identity to reduce the chance that a domain registrant prices an asset with a major corporate buyer in mind.

Marksmen is an intellectual property company that, among other things, helps clients acquire domain names. I’ve seen the company’s name appear in quite a few Whois records, and the domain names have later transferred to corporate buyers. The company posted a tweet to an article about making anonymous test purchases on behalf of clients:

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There are two sides to using a broker, and I personally do not use them except if I am negotiating a significant sale. Sometimes the experience of a broker is well worth the money spent because they know how to negotiate with large companies. Assuming you get a real broker and not one of the umpteen wanna be brokers.

In most cases you cannot purchase a domain annonomously from me because I refer you over to MapleDots | Inquiry where you have to enter all your information.

On as soon as I communicate with the buyer I tell them to go to before I will quote a price. That is why I like Dan, being different then godaddy, dan allows the buyer and seller to communicate openly. If that changes I will have to go back to my landers because it is very unlikely I will ever sell one of my one word domains blind. I either know who the end user is or I don't sell PERIOD.

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