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Jul 20, 2023
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I recently purchased GoWeb .ca and while I currently plan on developing the domain, I feel its value is higher than what I paid for it.

I won't disclose the exact number yet, but I can certainly indicate if it was less or more once I hear some of the feedback. It'd be great to get a realistic estimate by people who do this for a living what you think it could be worth. In other words, what would you have listed it for if you owned it and wanted to move it.

Thank you.
the value is all over the map, really, and depends on a motivated buyer.

If someone registered that domain and held it for 5 years with no offer, they might sell it for the first $1000 offer they get, especially if things are tight.

On the other hand, I think it's highly brandable and if say Amazon or Apple started a 'Go Web' campaign, or the phrase somehow took off, or a large company created a product or promotion around the term, or someone created a popular crypto coin with that name, then it could go into low xx,xxx to approaching mid xx,xxx

If it was a .com I wouldn't be surprised to see it sell for mid xx,xxx or even into low xxx,xxx. You could think what would it go for top end in .com, and then the .ca top end is 5% to 10% of that, is another way to imagine it.
if I were listing it, I'd put a min offer of $800 to $1000, and no BIN given my explanation above. If someone inquired about it I'd want to have a chance to suss out their identity.
I like that the domain is short and is a call to action. My concern with that domain (as a name for a brand) is that both "Go" and "Web" are words associated with "GoDaddy" so to me "Go Web" or "GoWeb" sounds like a GoDaddy knock-off or wannabe brand. I am not talking about trademark risk or issues here; I am talking about similar pattern. IMHO that limits the resale potential, since a potential buyer that does their homework will steer clear of this domain. I would say the same thing if someone told me they just bought AirHotels.ca ... it's just a bit too close to Airbnb. Etc. Or MarketingChimp.ca ... too close to MailChimp. / And since you were asking for appraisal, my recommendation in light of my feelings about this domain would be that you accept any offer north of $1,000 for this domain. Take the money and run!
Sweet feedback, thank you @domains and @MaiTaiMan for your thoughts and valuation ideas. You were both super close in your assessment, as I picked it up on the very low end of @domains price bracket (if we are talking Canadian currency of course).

To be honest, my thought process didn't even take me as far as wondering about a possibility of a larger company creating a campaign/product around the "Go Web" phrase, much like GoDaddy didn't come to mind—I was too focused on personal research route that took me to that domain (initially looking at it as a forwarding domain to something else), but I can see how one can think that.

Thanks again, I am just glad no one threw a 100-200-dollar valuation at it. 😅

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