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Nov 28, 2020
Toronto, ON now offering the largest auto-parts inventory in Canada

OTTAWA, ON, Aug. 24, 2021 /CNW/ - Revolutionists and leaders of the automotive e-commerce industry, CanadaWheels is now closer than ever to achieving its mission in becoming the one-stop-shop in the automotive universe. Aligning with the biggest names in the business, the company has expanded its inventory from wheels and tires to now selling over 300 new auto-parts brands, including Borla, Thule, Husky Liners, and BackRack.

"The vision has been to grow CanadaWheels into the Amazon of car parts in Canada and beyond. Offering our stakeholders the most comprehensive library of auto-parts in the country is a big step towards reaching our end goal," says Founder & CEO Saleh Taebi.

Additionally, Taebi states being customer-centric and building a seamless online shopping experience is another fundamental factor in achieving their mission. "Creating an effortless buying experience has been a big driving point and something we pride ourselves in. We first did this by creating a direct link between manufacturers and clients, which granted our shoppers more product options, better prices along with free shipping. Then we added our wheel visualizer, automated our sales process and started educating our clients on common issues such as fitment. The next logical step was the addition of auto-parts, knowing that along with their purchase of wheels and tires, buyers would want to customize their vehicles even further."

And their expansion from their previous year says it all. Between the years 2020 and 2021 alone, CanadaWheels inventory portfolio simply through the inclusion of parts has grown by tenfolds, the number of users on their website has grown by 100% and, the total number of transactions increased by 50%. Furthermore, their website currently covers over 50 million unique vehicle fitments, along with an expanding catalogue of over two million unique SKUs for more than 500 brand name manufacturers.

Head of Growth and Expansion Roozbeh Abbasi says, "Our speed of growth is where it is because we are committed to providing our customers with the best-in-class shopping experience. Customers love us because we give them high-quality products, the best values, guaranteed vehicle fitment, and convenient shipping services. We actively listen to our customer needs, focus on current trends, and shape our e-commerce model accordingly, providing us with an unparalleled edge in the industry."

Continuing their development exponentially in the e-commerce world, the next course of action for CanadaWheels is to develop and integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) similar to Amazon and Netflix into their platform. Using vehicle information provided by their customers, the Artificial Intelligence will recommend products to shoppers such as auto-parts specifically for their cars or accessories based on their web browsing history. Furthermore, CanadaWheels is in full speed towards launching its new domain, a platform that will target customers and stakeholders living in the United States more effectively.


Founded in 2012, CanadaWheels is the number one online retailer of wheels, tires, and automotive parts in Canada. Its mission is to revolutionize the automotive online shopping experience by innovating, educating and bringing transparency to the automotive industry. Headquartered in Ottawa, their award-winning platform has served over one hundred thousand clients nationally. CanadaWheels, in the future, plans to further innovate its current e-commerce platform through the integration of AI and will be launching its American domain,

CanadaWheels is always proud to put customers at the centre of all its activities and assist them through a professional team of customer support staff. Their lines are open during business hours to answer any client questions such as vehicle modifications or best buying options. Shoppers can get in touch with their sales specialists at 1·800·453·4484 or Any media inquiries, please contact Aena Numan at

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