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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

After the whole godaddy fiasco with the lockdown of domains I have come to the conclusion that my domains are best off at home with a Canadian registrar.

The problem I am having is the sheer size of my catalogue and the fact that I need proper bulk tools to be able to do my business.

With the Sibername switch to that would be my obvious choice and I used to have a few hundred domains at whc.

The problem is there are simply no tools period much less bulk tools. Everything seems stuck in some kind of older control panel and I get two monthly emails for one domain I have with them. I would hate to think how many zero invoices I would get if I moved a thousand or so domains in.

Canspace has the same interface as WHC but seems to have a bit better bulk tools. They work so so well and fail if you try to perform a task with over 100 or so domains. That said there are no monthly emails and I used to have about 500 domains with them. Unfortunately Canspace farms out the .com and therefore they are only in the running for .ca.

So for this topic I would like to list all the possibilities for Canadian registrars and have domainers review their tools and services.

Epik is coming aboard with so we will have to see how that pans out.

With the amalgamation of Sibername and WHC it would be ideal to use them. THe setup would be similar to what godaddy has with auctions and the domain landing right in your account. A one stop shop for TBR and registrations would be a great combination especially now that WHC is ICANN accredited and can properly meet our .com needs.

That said the interface is poorly lacking at this point that they cannot be in the running and the search for a Canadian entity with proper bulk tools continues.
Tucows/OpenSRS (HQ in Toronto) isn't the cheapest, but they have bulk tools to make changes.

They have a testing environment, too, so one can learn their system interface without affecting "production" domains.

All of my company's domains are at Tucows/OpenSRS.
Do they charge you in cad or usd.

I was with their retail decision which is based in Toronto yet they charged me in usd.

That was absolutely absurd.
Which is exactly why I stopped using

Technically you are paying the Canadian tax at about 30% higher given the exchange rate.

I find it odd and unusual that a Canadian company, located on Canadian soil can charge Tax in US dollars.

I think if they ever get taken to task about that they may be in some hot water.
Thank you for pointing that out George

I just have a personal problem paying 13% HST in USD... Yikes
If your company is registered for the GST/HST, then you'll get all of that GST/HST back as an input tax credit, so ultimately it's a wash. However, it's a headache doing all the accounting/bookkeeping to keep track of everything properly!

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