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While there's a lot you said I don't agree with or even bothered debating, there's also a lot that you said today that I completely or at least partly agree with... but you appear so hell-bent on defending every aspect of the liberals without acknowledging any of their... "faults" let's say...that it makes you look incredibly biased (a heck of a lot more than CBC)... or that you're even somehow related to the party or have campaigned for them.

Being open-minded and willing/able to change your mind is key to being objective, but party politics often leads people to vehemently defend their position/political stance no matter what… which is anything but objective and probably the main problem with politics. It's hard to let someone else win an argument when you're fighting to form government and cabinet positions.

It would also be a lot easier to find some middle ground if people didn’t try to demean or insult those who don’t agree with them. Which we’ve seen here today… but it’s also something Trudeau did as well with the truckers, those who refused to get vaccinated or just people who disagree with him. Including those who called him out on Chinese interference, by first saying it was racist to think that.

I've voted for 3 different parties the last 3 federal elections, and they didn’t include NPD or PPC. I did vote for the Liberals twice since Justin first ran but I'm done with him/that. That doesn't mean I won't ever vote liberal again because I don't pigeonhole myself to a specific party.

I’m a realist and I almost never believe anything with complete certainty anymore (unfortunately), even if I want to agree, because it’s true we’re living in the disinformation age and you need to at least have a bit of healthy skepticism of everything you see or read today. And yes, we’re all being manipulated by all types of media more than ever before but it’s not exclusive to the right-wingers.

I would also agree the far-right is a bit too “crazy” to put it lightly and i rather identify as far-left if i was forced to choose, but I'm still rightward leaning and even more so now thanks to being fed up with Trudeau after giving him a chance. I also voted for Harper a few times but got sick of him too by the end of it. I also don’t want any religious leader who opposes gay marriage or abortions, or wouldn’t mind everyone to walk in the streets with guns. And people like Trump have contributed to some of the crap I hate about the cons, while also tarnishing what it means to be conservative.

I watch CBC, especially The National, every day because they are often the first to cover stories and it's often quality coverage where not everything is political, but when it comes to politics they've been helping JT since day 1… treating him like a political superstar/celebrity (which many others did too) and likely giving him more positive coverage than any politician in history.

The liberals are also nicknamed the “natural governing party of Canada” because they’ve been in power for the last ~70 of 100 years, which gives CBC even more incentive to think/report of them more favourably.
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Nope, I'm not a member of any political party, nor have I ever campaigned or volunteered for any of them. Like I said, my views don't fit any one party. My comment about drag queens is just one issue.

Also, I've interacted with & observed right-wingers enough to know what happens in certain situations. If I mention any faults of the Liberal government, I know that certain types will use that as an invitation to be like "Yeah, let's talk more about that", and ignore everything else I said.

Already in this thread, no one has actually tried to factually address anything I said, with actual details (partly because it's not really possible, because what I wrote is true).

Plus, much of my critique would be that the Liberals haven't been progressive enough... which is obviously pointless to talk about here.

Like I said, I hear and read plenty of other viewpoints... I linked to OnGuardForThee in one of my posts, and over there, it's got a lot of NDP supporters who think that the Liberals and Conservatives are the same. And at the Canada subforum at Reddit, it got taken over by a right-wing moderators and they've cultivated a right-wing hivemind. And lots of people there think that the Liberals and NDP are the same.

Both views are equally ridiculous to people who are well-informed though.

Initially, I was thinking maybe I was too harsh in what I wrote. But no, re-reading it, what I said is fair -- "domains" (domainmedia) posted a video that is basically a lie.

You think he and others know enough to know that it's a joke. Maybe people here do (or not), but I'm sure plenty of people on YouTube who see it don't understand the sarcasm:

1) It's posted on Youtube with zero context. And the person who posted it prevented comments, which could clarify to people that it was a joke at some kind of gala.

2) Stephen Colbert's parody show "The Colbert Report" was actually popular with a lot of right-wingers, because they didn't realize it was a parody.

3) "TheDonald" community on Reddit started off as a parody, but gradually, enough people believed the BS, and it became a community of super-supporters.

4) The crazy QAnon conspiracy started off on 4chan, but then took on a life of its own when it spread outside 4chan, to people who couldn't discern the ridiculousness of it.

Also, everything I said is mild compared to the stuff said by the people I responded to, regarding CBC, the Liberals, Trudeau, etc. (I've seen other posts on this forum about political issues, so it wasn't just the posts here I saw... and that's partly why I decided to finally say something about it).

I've learned over the years that it's best to talk in the language of who you're talking with. If I were talking with a bunch of old ladies who support Conservatives but are exceedingly polite, my posts would also be that way too.

Anyway, I already said what I have to say, and I posted useful info. If anyone actually goes to the links I posted & reads the articles, hopefully it will be food for thought and debunk some of the misinformation spread by right-wing media & blatant liars like PP.
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funny because true

CBC is forgetting they could just return the taxpayer funds and remove the label.

I knew Musk stayed in Canada but didn't know his mother was born here and this is why he had/has Canadian citizenship.

unintentionally funny - cardboard water bottles

From a certain poster on this thread who sees nothing wrong at all with Trudeau or the Liberals or how Canada is being run right now, just shows why the country is in as much trouble as it today. This is the political mentality of the core base of Liberal supporters large enough to get the Liberal party in power with only a third of the vote last two elections, propped up by another basket case NDP party. At this point, I just say leave them to it, there is no sense debating because Trudeau can do no wrong and hey, at least he's not Harper right?! Stand aside and let them drive the country completely into the ground until it's beyond a shadow of a doubt how bad a job they've done. I hope I'm wrong, I hope by some miracle they do lead Canada to the promised land of sunny ways, and I can say I was wrong and they were right, but I think not and when the disaster completely unfolds it will be fun seeing what or who they try to blame it on, other than themselves. I mean, they still bring up Harper's name today for blame and that was over 8 years ago now!

But at the end of the day politics is politics, I can just agree to disagree and better to move onto other things and topics that we have more in common.

Looking forward to the next Trudeau 'bogus trumped up non-scandal', and the next, and the next...
Hehe.... who does more flip flops than Donald Trump?

Elon Musk ;)

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