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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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A little perspective from an experienced domainer...

I purchased a few weeks back and had a single vision of selling it to a payment processor of credit cards or something in the financial scope of things. I never for a second considered there could be another purpose for this domain.

Well this morning a member here posted QuickCharge(dot)ca for sale and it opened my eyes. Hey, I own, omg I can use my domain for that, I have a whole different selling angle to pursue now.

I cannot believe how tight my blinders were fitting until I saw the for sale ad on the forum. It goes to show even experienced domainers have a lot to learn and we can never underestimate what an end user could actually be using the domain for. It could be something completely different from what we think it will be used for and no amount of research can bullet proof us from that.

I just found the situation both interesting and eye opening, pardon the pun because the blinders have been removed. :|
Great point Frank. I know the “blinders” have happened to me before.
And charge is a really good one that could have many uses as an EMD or brandable.
Sometimes when you see such a great name like, you only think of the best possible use for it. It is a fantastic name and I believe that it will go for a lot of coin very soon. Did you have plans for development?

I own a VERY similar .ca and only recently have I realized that it has multiple uses as well.

Maybe the owner of will want to buy it! :lol:

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