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Dec 19, 2020
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Yesterday I was about to clear out my junk mail quickly with a single click, like I usually do, when a "Price Requested on your AfternicDLS Domain" subject line caught the corner of my eye.

I then noticed there was also an email from a GD/Afternic broker asking for my list price and floor price.

Just thought I would give you guys a heads-up as it's not the first time this happened to me and I know it has happened to others as well.

Was it also in your Afternic dashboard/Afternic message section as well?
Yup, the price request was showing when I logged in... but I almost never log into Afternic ever since I started listing everything directly on GD auctions. It's rare that I get price requests from Afternic now that I have everything listed on GD auctions (i.e. almost all my offers come via GD and not Afternic).

Quite honestly I kinda dread getting price requests from Afternic because someone made an actual offer but Afternic won't tell you what it was. They essentially keep you in the dark and force you to set some prices at the same time... so you won't know if the offer was $20 or $2000 (for example). I should have probably asked the broker when I responded to his email, but brokers don't always contact you, and I doubt he would have told me.

I'm also not sure if the broker was hired by the buyer to contact me, but he did ask that I email him my prices and not just input them myself. His email was sent the day after I got the generic price request email, so I definitely wasn't late in responding to the first request (i.e. the first email asked that I included my prices with 48 hours, and the broker contacted me less than 24 hrs later).
I removed my domains from afternic because I received too many emails like this....

Dear Frank,

You have received a sales lead on through Afternic's network.

A lead indicates that someone is interested in the domain, but is not prepared to buy it yet.
In order to proceed with this buyer, please take the following steps now:

1. Set a Floor Price and Buy Now price in the next 48 hours.
To remain a robust marketplace of premium domain names for both buyers and sellers, we require
that every domain have a Floor Price and Buy Now Price within 48 hours of receiving a sales lead.
The Buy Now Price is the price you want for your domain and at which it is promoted.
Your domain sells immediately when a buyer meets the buy now price.
The Floor Price is the absolute minimum price at which you are willing to sell your domain.
It is a binding price.

To set your Floor and Buy Now prices please log into My Afternic at:

2. Contact your Afternic Sales Executive: Afternic Sales Team at 781-839-7902 or
If you need assistance, your Afternic Sales Executive is available to help you develop
a winning pricing strategy and to negotiate with buyers to maximize your likelihood of a
quick, profitable sale.

3. Not sure how to price your domain? Get a domain appraisal. Studies show that domain
listings with appraisals sell 10 TIMES faster than those without an appraisal.
Show your potential buyers that your domain is appraised. Request an appraisal.

If you have any questions, our customer service team is available to help you develop a winning pricing strategy. You can reach our service team
at 866-351-9586 (Toll Free) or +1 781-839-7990 (Worldwide).

Best wishes for a successful sale,

Todd Cantwell
Sales Manager
This part of the email always bothered me...

A lead indicates that someone is interested in the domain, but is not prepared to buy it yet.

They have not made an offer yet?

Why are you even bothering me?
MapleDots 2694 said:
This part of the email always bothered me...

They have not made an offer yet?

Why are you even bothering me?

I agree. It's definitely a misleading statement, to say the least, considering an offer has indeed been made. To be sure, I even did a test once by placing an offer on my own domain (using another account) and they still told me a "price request" was made when I had submitted an actual offer.

I've also considered to stop using Afternic all together because of this, but I still list there because (i think) their reseller network helps my domains get more exposure. For example, if someone searches my domain on webnames .ca, my listing will pop-up there. That said, perhaps listing on GD Auctions offers the same reseller network exposure as Afternic, but I'm not sure. This banner on Afternic's website seems to suggest you get this exposure "Only with Afternic" (but we all know GD owns Afternic... hence why I'm not sure).


When I emailed my prices to the broker, I asked if he would be communicating directly with the interested buyer, or whether he would be just inputting my prices into my Afternic listing/account. He responded by saying he would be communicating directly with the buyer.

Upon reflection, I think a better title for this topic would have been "Check your junk mail for for broker enquiries". I say this because I would have most certainly noticed the price request (eventually) by simply logging into my Afternic account, but I wouldn't have known a broker was trying to contacting me unless I had carefully checked my junk mail.
MapleDots said:
This part of the email always bothered me...

They have not made an offer yet?

Why are you even bothering me?

This is really just a generic email, I believe the inquiry or "show of interest" may have been of different types of nature. And GoDaddy might not even have more details about it, as it might have come in through a partner, too. Maybe you should invite a GoDaddy rep, like Paul, Joe or Alan? I believe they may be in some other forums and I do think they respond on Twitter too sometimes.
FM said:
And GoDaddy might not even have more details about it, as it might have come in through a partner, too.

I dare say over 90% of these generic "price request" emails people get from Afternic are the result of someone searching for your domain on GoDaddy, and who submitted their offer via Godaddy, so Godaddy definitely knows the details. I think it's just the way it works when it comes to Afternic listings with the "make offer" setting (i.e. they always send a "price request" email whenever an offer is made; someone please correct if I'm wrong).

If you list your domains on Afternic but not directly on GD's Auction Marketplace, your domain listing can still be found on GD but Afternic will be the one to contact you with their "price request" email (even if the offer is made via GD's website).

If you have your domain listed directly on both GD Auction Marketplace and Afternic, then GD will contact you about the offer and will tell you exactly what it was (GD auction listings override Afternic's listings).

Not only do you get to see the actual offer with GD Auction listings, but buyers/sellers can also include comments with their offers.... and sellers can continue to submit counter-offers indefinitely (whereas the buyer only has 7 days to accept before your offer becomes invalid).
On another note, it looks like Sedo emails have been flagged by some providers (at least Bell) as I logged on tonight and found 3 offers sitting there from the 27th. This has happened before, and Bell seems to love real SPAM (I got like a hundred "Free Offer" scam-mails today) but loves to flag real companies offering money even more.

So if you have a Bell/Sympatico email linked to Sedo, definitely log in and check.

In my rounds I also noticed I had my first brokerage offer on Uniregistry... for a masive $10 (my lowest offer yet) and I'm sure their broker is really working hard on that one. LOL
I found another "price request" when I logged into Afternic today, and received no generic email about it this time (not even in junk mail).

That said, a GD broker contacted me about the same domain Tuesday morning but he didn't mention afternic or ask me for the usual "buy now" and "floor price". It was more about whether I was even interested in selling and if so, whether I had a ballpark price. The price request may be related to the broker email somehow, but the price request definitely wasn't showing until today or yesterday.
I never even get emails from Afternic, so I just check in every week or so to see if I got a price or broker request.

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