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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

So it looks like domaining news is in short supply as we approach christmas.

What is also in short supply are the number of days until we have to have things ordered or purchased. We don't want any sad faces when it comes to christmas gifts.

I'm doubly cursed (blessed) because it is my wife's birthday at christmas so no pressure there. I usually just cave and buy her something big, the last time it was a new car. Still got me in trouble though [headslap]

Anyone giving away a domain for christmas?
I buy most of my Christmas presents throughout the year and am usually done by October, and on the first week of November, I get all the electronics, as that's when the extended return time/warranty starts up.

Then I just pick up a few little things here and there through November and December.

Christmas does get a lot easier as the kids get older, but also a lot less fun. I remember one year when the "Santa haul" wasn't as large as anticipated and my littlest one cried "Santa, how could you do this to us?" LOL - she took Christmas very serious and after all the presents were open, she'd be laying down on the floor, covered in wrapping paper, literally in shock.

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