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Aug 19, 2022
Hi All,

The CIRA board election starts today at 12:30pm. If you're a CIRA member you'll get an email around that time with the details on how to vote.

You can read my candidate statement here: Graeme Bunton | CIRA
And a short post I wrote about it here:

I'd love the support of this community. With Rob Villeneuve leaving the board this year, there will be no one on it with any domain industry experience. Whether you think CIRA is doing a great job, or a bad job, the board cannot provide useful insight or meaningful oversight without actual domain industry experience. I worked for a domain registrar for a decade as their head of policy. I currently run the DNS Abuse Institute, supported by PIR/.org. No one else on the election slate has any domain industry experience. No one else is going to have the understanding of the domain aftermarket that I do.

So, please vote for me. Tell your friends.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, I'll be monitoring this thread.
I wholeheartedly support Graeme's election to the CIRA Board. I have known Graeme for several years and he is a highly credible, serious, and collegial person. He would make an excellent representative on the Board. Graeme has world-class expertise in the domain name industry. We should all be thankful that he is willing to serve.

I encourage you to support Graeme's election along with me.

Zak Muscovitch
Greaeme has my support and vote in this year's election as well and with Rob Villeneuve leaving his expertise is clearly needed on the board.
Too bad I can’t vote yet as my application is still pending approval by CIRA. Otherwise, I would have voted for you too. Hope you win!
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