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Nov 20, 2020
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Now here's an opportunity for those who don't like how .CA is run ;-)

Summary of the Role

Based in Ottawa, and reporting directly to the President & CEO, the General Manager of .CA, will be responsible for managing all aspects of daily operations and business development within the .CA business unit.

As a General Manager, you will rely on your leadership skills and superior business acumen to create new strategies to grow the business through customer acquisition and marketing innovation while strengthening internal processes, systems, and overall operations. It is also highly critical in this role that you prioritize being actively present within the business unit, building a roadmap to enhance innovation and revenue growth, reflective of the CIRA mandate.

As a part of the Executive Leadership Team, you will be expected to provide strategic and operational leadership to the company. As a group you will set goals, develop strategies, and ensure the strategies are executed effectively. The executive team functions as a collective leadership body, and serves as the model that teams throughout the organization will follow. You will work alongside your colleagues to provide and display exceptional leadership and carry out the vision of the organization through operations and culture.

You will be accountable for the workforce within the .CA unit inclusive of Marketing, Channel Marketing and Management, and Membership. You will be expected to embrace product development, by recognizing responsibility and act as the intermediate between technology teams, team members, and business units. You will be responsible for determining the features and functionality of the technology, taking into account expected needs based on your plan of growth. You will be comfortable delegating where appropriate, calculating risk management, and monitoring team members, keeping track of progress and growth. You will know when to ask thought provoking questions and provide necessary resources while encouraging creativity.

You will be responsible for building upon and enhancing the culture within the unit and closing the gap between other units whose operations are more contained. Part of your objective will be to continue to develop and build a high performance workplace, one that is inclusive and collaborative with crossfunctional teams. You will take a tactful and deliberate approach upon entering this role with the goal in mind of nurturing what works within the business unit and building upon success from there.

You will be responsible for managing the P&L of the business unit and finding ways to sustain and improve revenue and margin generation. A top priority will be to maintain and enhance .CA’s reputation as one the top few Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) in the world. Tapping into your forward thinking mindset, you will seek out opportunities for expansion and marketing development to support further revenue streams, while upholding the standards of excellence. With your entrepreneurial and creative skills you will build a comprehensive marketing strategy that will lead the unit into a new wave of growth, building new relationships and embracing new ideas. You will need to understand the ongoing shifts in CIRA’s customer needs and the evolving landscape of Top Level Domain (TLD) services. Using market intel and building partnerships you will embrace potential and new ways of marketing that have not yet been explored. Part of this new area of marketing partnerships will include DIY website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Shopify.

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