CIRA is raising prices (1 Viewing)

I guess it's on par with how we get screwed by our telecom companies, airlines, etc. Likely grocery stores too now but I'm not certain how our food prices compares worldwide.
When you consider Trudeau is raising carbon taxes in 2023

Our Immigration level is at a historic high for Western society, yet Trudeau still admonishes us for "producing too much carbon" then raising taxes because of it. Last year we added 1.2 million people to the roll call, yet he wants us to "hit the same targets" he set 5+ years ago

And no these targets are gross totals (that are somehow projected to go DOWN :oops: ), not per-capita averages.

Seems like increased carbon production by adding 1 million + new Canadians a year is a fait accompli for anyone who can do basic math.

Trudeau is that guy who adopts a couple of kids a year then yells at his wife for spending too much money on groceries. :cautious:
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