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Nov 20, 2020
Montreal, QC
CIRA sent the following email to their members today:

CIRA needs your input! We want to know what your CIRA membership is doing (or not doing) for you. If you’ve already completed the survey, thank you!

If you haven't yet, please complete the survey now.

The survey is being conducted on behalf of CIRA by The Strategic Counsel, an independent national public opinion and marketing research firm (and Asking Canadians, a data collection firm).

Once you have completed all of the questions, you will have the option of entering your name in a draw for a cash prize of $500. The draw will be conducted by The Strategic Counsel and the prize winner will be notified by email.

All of the responses that you provide are strictly confidential, and none of your answers will in any way be attributed to you personally. The report that The Strategic Counsel provides to CIRA will contain only group information.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact CIRA’s support team at

Thank you in advance for your interest in shaping a CIRA membership experience that is engaging and rewarding to you, while continuing to support a stronger internet in Canada and around the world.

CIRA's Membership Team

Since the survey is only for CIRA members, I cannot post the link here. But if you are a CIRA member, make sure to fill out the survey. And if you are not a CIRA member yet, be sure to sign up to become one.
I, for one, found it interesting how CIRA structures their online events at this time in a way where there's basically no networking between the members. There may be a chat, and maybe you get to ask questions, but the network is much more limited compared to a real in-person event. I've seen some technical solutions used by other organizations that have (similar to the NamesCon online system) tables that you can join for networking during a set amount of time in the event.

In general CIRA members really only get to converse about CIRA topics during the limited time the forum they have open and then not even all candidates participate in the discussions.
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Well I think CIRA is very protective of their little monopoly. I don't think they like the idea of people talking, possibly negatively about them - even if they can listen in and actually learn from those conversations.
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Well good thing we can talk all we want about cira here then o_O

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