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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I get the monthly CIRA newsletter via email and look forward to reading it.

I had mentioned to @richard.schreier in the past asking id could get a shoutout in one of the newsletters.

It's been a number of years and I have contacted CIRA a few times asking for a shoutout.

It would be great if CIRA were to support Canada's .ca community a bit more.
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They should be fully supporting the site including a sponsorship, they have millions to spend and don't kick in on funding.
I haven’t seen any in a while but CIRA use to do really nice/interesting ads. They were definitely eye catching.

So I will even go a step further and say that the next round of ads run by CIRA, why not slip in a mention of still has no support from CIRA, no mention on a newsletter or anywhere on their site.

At this point I think Canada's largest .ca community shouyld at least get a write up, a mention and/or even a link from the cira website.

I appreciate @richard.schreier contributing here but CIRA should be contributing at least a bit to our community.

Sponsors who contribute to keep free for everyone.

Sponsors who contribute to keep free.