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Nov 4, 2020
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I saw DNForum made a whole new forum for Climate Change domains.

We thought was a good idea we could start by opening a New Topic asking members to list or discuss their climate change domains.
Also leads right into carbon and taxes as well because .041% of the worlds atmosphere is made up of carbon so we best tax the hell out of Canadians to fund all the Chinese pollution. Canada has always been carbon neutral, we produce more oxygen than carbon when you take all our land mass into consideration.
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Trudeau is quite an interesting little two-faced sycophant when it comes to "protecting the environment".

First he tells the little children of Canada that the carbon pricing (i.e. tax) is there to (and I quote) "create a financial incentive for people and businesses to pollute less and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change." and that we're all bad little wastrels who are killing the environment due our unwillingness to listen to his wisdom and just "use less". If we all sacrifice then Canada will hit its lowered carbon usage/emissions targets.

But on the other hand, Trudeau just imported another 1.5 million new residents into Canada in order to fulfill his "New Customer Generation" mandate to his billionaire backers. Then he shakes his head at the foolish and wasteful little children of Canada, expressing his utter disappointment that we again failed to meet our "lower carbon use projections" and that the carbon pricing (tax) will have to increase again, just to teach us a lesson, once and for all.

One of the unruly, dirty-faced children sheepishly raises his hand and says "But don't you think increasing our population by 1.5 million people a year will also increase Canada's carbon usage and therefore make our old carbon usage targets unrealistic? More people equals higher carbon emissions, right?"

Trudeau laughs and shakes his head at the foolish little child, admonishing him that "Canada's rampant population growth has absolutely nothing to do with increased carbon emissions or fossil fuel usage. It's your wasteful habits and your total inability to stop heating your home and driving your car to work that is to blame, which is forcing me to raise carbon prices yet again."

He looks the boy squarely in the eye, "Imagine, actually believing that significant population growth has any correlation to increasing Canada's total carbon emissions. Pure insanity, and the schools must be to blame!"
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