Congratulationas your Domain has sold via Afternic for $30,000 (1 Viewing)

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Some people will do anything for engagement and lose their credibility. He knew his tweet was taken the wrong way.

This is from a tweet that was deleted:
Yesterday 29,000 new domains containing sora were added, of which 3907 end with sora and 8885 start with sora.
The 29,000 amount included domains that contained sora in it. Not all were Open Ai related. Sora isn't a trend yet some investors and developers are just wasting their money.
I'm just learning of sora but I still don't get how this was supposed to be a joke or funny. Maybe if it were april fools..

Is the joke that the domain was a TM infringement and an unrealistic sale? It's the only thing I can think of but i don't think it's that completely unrealistic or funny. I must be missing something.
He was trying to be funny to start another panic trend for SORA by posting a domain sold at 30k

This way domainers would go and buy up the dictionary with

Ultimately it back fired because domainers getting tricked into spending money is not funny.

That said one should not fall for these type of registrations anyways but that is another story altogether.
They're still buying Sora domains. Chat GPT .com was hit with UDRP before the owner and them made a deal. This isn't going to end well. These new investors don't know the meaning of a trend.
So it was an evil social experiment...which probably made people waste a lot of money. Got it lol

I don't know the guy but I can't help wonder if he just got caught and had to fess up. He doesn't explain it's a joke in comment section either, i don't think.

Anyway, probably a good dude but dumb/weird idea.
Am I the only one who thinks it’s lame that people are defending this guy because they thought the photoshop was obvious? Plus they go further by saying it was harmless. Is this guy a big deal or something and people are kissing his butt because they’re friends?

I certainly don’t believe everything I see online but I also didn’t know I was supposed to study every afternic sale screenshot to verify whether it was photoshopped or not. If it showed a $1 million sale, I would certainly question it and maybe have a closer look, but that’s not the case here.

I’m baffled by the whole thing.
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Its just par for the course on the interwebs... can't believe the half of anything out there.
Am I the only one who thinks it’s lame that people are defending this guy because they thought the photoshop was obvious?

Same here. The name isn't outlandish enough to be an obvious joke, the $30K isn't high enough to be an obvious joke, and nothing about the post is any different than looking at the sales lists at DNReport or Sedo. There are always outlier sales that make me shake my head, and a lot are worse than this one.

Domainoor was likely trying to rattle some chains and irritate a subgroup of investors with a fake sale, and when he got called out. decided to play the "it was an obvious joke" card. Either that, or he actually tried to make a joke and he's the most unfunny guy in America.

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