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Nov 6, 2020
I was looking at the godaddy auctions and noticed Whoever's selling it is asking the new owner to wear a bullseye for law officials. What a stupid crazy registration!!

A few others that caught me off guard

People, what are you thinking? *CRAZY*
Not sure why people blatantly buy TM names like that.. More than likely it’s someone new to domaining. I will admit, I did that as well first when I started many moons ago.
Ever single week on the TBR there seems to be a number of misspelled/typo domains targeting a major company.

I think last week it was UnderArmour or Sympatico, and Google is always a favorite target.

These guys hand-reg a series of typo domains, set them up as parked pages, then wait for the money to roll in. Then when parking revenue amounts to exactly 78-cents by the end of the year, and faced with $150+ in renewal fees, they angrily let them expire.

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