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Credit & Debit card PIN security


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Nov 4, 2020

You all know you should have a unique PIN for every credit card right?

I volunteer at senior homes and typically seniors use the same PIN for every card.

This is the security system I made up to teach them how to have a unique PIN for every card.

1. Make a two digit security number, could be your birth year, your partners or your son etc. So 1950 becomes 50.

2. Those are your check digits and the beginning of your PIN for every card.

3. Then add the last two digits of the credit card, if that is 34 (like in the picture above) then your PIN is 5034

4. The last digits of the card are visible when you insert it into every credit card machine or gas pump.

5. Simply go to your bank machine and create a unique PIN for every card.
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