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If interest rates do get cuts this year, and QT is ending and they start QE, crypto could have a bull year and send bitcoin and crypto related domains up again. Bitcoin ETF could get approved by Jan 10, which would mean increased bitcoin buying pressure as these ETFs get marketed to people and funds who want exposure to bitcoin, but don't want to hold and custody it themselves. Bitcoin also has a halving in a few months, which happens every 4 years and usually precedes price moves up. Given it's a US election year, the US govt will do everything it can to minimize economic hardship to gain votes, and the rest of the world will follow. Interest rate cuts seem more likely in Canada as economy could be starting to roll over. And given the already high costs Canadians are bearing, the Liberals are increasing CPP, EI and income taxes, the carbon tax, and alcohol tax in 2024, for starters. No wonder they are way down in the polls.
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