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Nov 4, 2020
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Current registrar list

So many registrars missing or incomplete information like email address or even disguised names.

The list is kind of a joke at this point, I think it needs a drastic overhaul with important features like....

1. Legal Name
2. Operating AS
3. Registrar Website
4. Contact Address
5. Customer Service Email address

CIRA only does one main thing, they mange the registrars but how can this be done with the limited information available.
How is it possible for someone to have no contact info or to operate just under an Ontario number, they obviously have to offer a service somewhere.

@richard.schreier the new is a perfect example because they are operating as and the information is completely missing from the list.
@MapleDots the registrar list on our website reflects what we have in our database as provided by our registrars. CatchDrop is not there yet is a timing issue, I will see it get added asap.

Many of the registrars operate public facing entities that are different from their "contracted" name. This reflects their visible "brand" as opposed to their corporate registration that may be reflected in a registrar agreement. From what I can tell, all of the registrar listings link to their website. And you should realize not all registrars are in the business of domain sales, some are in other services (like trademark registrations) where domain registrations are offered as a complementary (not primary) added service.

Contact address and customer service address are typically available on the registrars website itself. Some registrars do not have a specific support email contact and instead provide a contact form online. We publish what they have provided us for that directory.
Thank you Richard but if you get a questionable registrar they can quickly change any information on their website.

To protect the consumer should everything not be properly disclosed on the CIRA website?

If you notice in my first post I did mention Business Name and Operating as.

It's a little disconcerting when one sees so much incomplete information on CIRA ENDORSED registrars.
@MapleDots we publish what is provided to us by the registrar. I am not aware of any questionable registrars in my history at CIRA and certainly would act on that quickly if any were reported as such. New registrars are put through a pretty exhaustive process to be "accredited" and verified so I am not sure that would ever be an issue. If there is something/someone specific you have concerns with please let me know.

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