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Nov 6, 2020
Nanaimo, BC
It seems in the domain industry (and others) that customer retention is not as important as customer acquisition.
Register a domain...get a deal. Transfer a domain in to a new registrar...get a deal. Renew a domain...nothing...crickets.
And I find this true with many things today.
My cell phone.... I have never had it with one company for more than 2 years. I primarily use 2 companies and every time it comes up for renewal it goes to another company as even the existing company’s “loyalty” department’s rate is usually out by a lot compared to going to the other one.
I am a semi-retired chef and being in the food business for over 50 years(yes I’m old :lol: )where customer retention is really important, I find this business model baffling.
The only one I know of that does it right in the .ca space is Canspace.

They give you $10.99 registration and renewal.

I think registrars pay around the 10 dollar mark for a .ca and I know canspace does it from cost up with the same price for buy and renew.

I remember when I had hundreds of domains with them and they raised their prices from 9.99 to 10.99.
I made a big stink out of it and asked for a wholesale discount. They told me they add a very small fee to their cost and had to raise the rate because cira raised the price. I was hoping for at least a .50 cent discount for wholesale but they stood firm on their pricing motto.
I agree that most registrars give the same renewal prices as their reg prices.
The point I was making is you don’t see coupons/offers/ deals on renewals like we used to a few years ago.
Discounts to keep you there...
I remember there were registrars that had 20/30/50% off coupons (GD and others)for renewals and forums dedicated to these offers.
You just don’t.see renewal discounts anymore. Reg and transfer yes...renewals
Retention doesn’t seem to be as important as acquisition....and not just in domains...just my take
You saw specials on renewals ever?
I don't think I've ever seen a sale on renewals, once they hook you you're usually on the get milked list.
Used to be 6-7 years ago GD especially would have coupon codes for 10% to sometimes 50%(rarely) off domain renewals
I used to love using the Godaddy coupons for renewals years ago, they were great. Then they got rid of them and the domain discount club came along, which I heard this week just doubled its annual price. And my renewal's in December.
Apart from the acquisition of a new customer I never understood why companies give new clients they have no credit history with better deals than their long standing customers. Maddening

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