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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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Dazz is hoping to disrupt the domain industry by becoming the new Dan.com.

I looked around they in some places they are lacking and in others they have the upper hand.

Lets list the Pros & Cons of DAZZ over Dan

= They have a built in Auction site

Con = Not a very well know domain name

Here is the only time I have heard of DAZZ selling a domain so far:
.CA BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD
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That is one of my exit-strategy possibilities if GD does as expected, and cranks the Dan commission rates to 20%.
That is one of my exit-strategy possibilities if GD does as expected, and cranks the Dan commission rates to 20%.

Funny I was thinking this or SAV but SAV does not do .ca so for those our NON GODADDY alternatives are limited.
@MapleDots Thanks for inviting us to this forum. It will be our pleasure to serve the community. DaaZ.com is born with the simple objective of developing a faster, better and cost effective domain name marketplace.

DaaZ.com is owned by DaaZ Limited and based in London, United Kingdom.

DaaZ.com is serving domainers since 2018 ( in pilot mode with very few sellers ) and open to all since August-2019, it's close to 3+ to 4 year old marketplace.


Services we offer:
  • Buy-It-now ( BIN) listings - 5% success fee
  • Make an offer listings - 7 % Success fee
  • Auction Listings - 7% success fee
  • DaaZ Secure : A service to help the sellers to sell their names in bulk or complete an offline agreed deal : 5% ( Up to 100 names per transaction)

We also offer the API ( in pilot mode ) for DaaZ Secure - will open for all to the end of this year - this helps for those sellers who looks to integrate their existing web portals with the daaz secure process

We also offer the portfolio management API ( in pilot mode ) - This helps sellers who love to manage their portfolios via API

We accept several payment methods powered by Stripe integration ( almost 15+ payment methods ) , PayPal integration , direct wire / bank transfer methods. We also accept crypto payments and process the crypto payouts ( Only verified sellers can use this )

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, it will be our pleasure to serve the domain investors / domining community.

We are open to listen and improve the platform further. We sincerely believe in continuous improvement. We release updates twice a month with new features and improvements, we have been consistent on this for last 3+ years. So clearly we are committed for what we are saying and we will work sincerely deliver the same.
@daaz I will designate you as a service rep, if you would like to update your profile.
I was at daaz today looking at their .ca's

Flyingcarschool.Ca15110,777 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
Flyingcarsafety.Ca1579,777 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
BeefStew.ca850,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
MetaCards.ca949,999 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
EmergencyPreparedness.ca2149,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
duid.ca429,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
TradeCoins.ca1024,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
FamilyMan.ca922,988 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
MetalPowder.ca1117,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
Drugalyser.ca1012,500 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
Reminisce.ca911,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
Concall.ca79,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
MetaSign.ca88,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
MetaSigns.ca98,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
smfc.ca47,000 USDMAKE OFFER
llec.ca45,499 USDMAKE OFFER
logodesign.ca105,000 USDBUY NOW
Hopping.ca75,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
Surreyite.ca95,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
CoinStorage.ca114,888 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
MetaDental.ca104,288 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
guitarpickstore.ca153,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
cbleads.ca73,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
creditbros.ca103,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
leadhulk.ca83,000 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
CareMedical.ca112,888 USDBUY NOW
TheFitness.ca102,888 USDBUY NOW
HockeyLeague.ca122,888 USDBUY NOW
MetaSignage.ca112,188 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
Lignin.ca61,499 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
AlfaTraining.ca121,488 USDBUY NOW
Logist.ca6988 USDBUY NOW
Akara.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
StormGain.ca9988 USDBUY NOW
Nibiru.ca6988 USDBUY NOW
Coupa.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
Nearshore.ca9988 USDBUY NOW
Rumah.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
Polen.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
Bago.ca4988 USDBUY NOW
GrandTour.ca9988 USDBUY NOW
FrameOfMind.ca11988 USDBUY NOW
LittleBirds.ca11988 USDBUY NOW
GreenPlace.ca10988 USDBUY NOW
Vlada.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
GolfScape.ca9988 USDBUY NOW
Urbanist.ca8988 USDBUY NOW
Midia.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
Kaffe.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
Licht.ca5988 USDBUY NOW
Loja.ca4988 USDBUY NOW
Clipping.ca8988 USDBUY NOW
SamTech.ca7988 USDBUY NOW
Ipop.ca4988 USDBUY NOW
BuildingMaterial.ca16988 USDBUY NOW
Amcham.ca6988 USDBUY NOW
Afis.ca4988 USDBUY NOW
WonderfulWorld.ca14988 USDBUY NOW
TheBlack.ca8988 USDBUY NOW
Blacknet.ca8988 USDBUY NOW
NewMind.ca7988 USDBUY NOW
Cmmc.ca4988 USDBUY NOW
SunLab.ca6988 USDBUY NOW
HelloDoctor.ca11988 USDBUY NOW
Solarinstallation.ca17850 USDBUY NOW
SmartLive.ca9788 USDBUY NOW
Noid.ca4788 USDBUY NOW
Ciic.ca4788 USDBUY NOW
DigitalEnterprise.ca17788 USDBUY NOW
FreeTube.ca8688 USDBUY NOW
MyMart.ca6688 USDBUY NOW
Funs.ca4688 USDBUY NOW
Femen.ca5688 USDBUY NOW
CCTVinstallation.ca16650 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
cityofmississaugajobs.ca21599 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
cityofcalgaryjobs.ca17599 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
cityofwinnipegjobs.ca18599 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
quebecemploi.ca12399 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
luxuryweddings.ca14299 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
parttimejobstoronto.ca19199 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
apartmentsrent.ca14100 USDBUY/MAKE OFFER
hoco.ca4-MAKE OFFER
shoop.ca5-MAKE OFFER
hias.ca4-MAKE OFFER
retailpro.ca9-MAKE OFFER
jakescottages.ca13-MAKE OFFER
thecareerguide.ca14-MAKE OFFER
franchisesforsale.ca17-MAKE OFFER
dehydrators.ca11-MAKE OFFER
GymSupplies.ca11-MAKE OFFER
OnlineFitnessClasses.ca20-MAKE OFFER
SecurityFencing.ca15-MAKE OFFER
CoreDrilling.ca12-MAKE OFFER
CommercialRefrigeration.ca23-MAKE OFFER
EdibleStraws.ca12-MAKE OFFER
LocalHookups.ca12-MAKE OFFER
HomeInsuranceBrokers.ca20-MAKE OFFER
HealthInsuranceBrokers.ca22-MAKE OFFER
playtv.ca6-MAKE OFFER
nfpa.ca4-MAKE OFFER
allseasonsselfstorage.ca21-MAKE OFFER
aamartin.ca8-MAKE OFFER
mycarpage.ca9-MAKE OFFER
pollcanada.ca10-MAKE OFFER
antidrone.ca9-MAKE OFFER
ResinFloors.ca11-MAKE OFFER
FloorDecals.ca11-MAKE OFFER
FreeWeights.ca11-MAKE OFFER
KitchenFlooring.ca15-MAKE OFFER
WeddingJewellery.ca16-MAKE OFFER
ForkliftParts.ca13-MAKE OFFER
DeerFence.ca9-MAKE OFFER
Whiteboards.ca11-MAKE OFFER
RoofLeakRepair.ca14-MAKE OFFER
OnlineCreditCards.ca17-MAKE OFFER
ParkingPass.ca11-MAKE OFFER
SportsFlooring.ca14-MAKE OFFER
PhotoRestoration.ca16-MAKE OFFER
CanvasPrinting.ca14-MAKE OFFER
PoolRemoval.ca11-MAKE OFFER
joz.ca3-MAKE OFFER
getjob.ca6-MAKE OFFER
webeye.ca6-MAKE OFFER
tody.ca4-MAKE OFFER
bstj.ca4-MAKE OFFER
selectservice.ca13-MAKE OFFER
gourmetcatering.ca15-MAKE OFFER
holcor.ca6-MAKE OFFER
exportable.ca10-MAKE OFFER
UsedFitnessEquipment.ca20-MAKE OFFER
FitnessSupplies.ca15-MAKE OFFER
FitnessOnline.ca13-MAKE OFFER
FloorsForLess.ca13-MAKE OFFER
MyFloor.ca7-MAKE OFFER
ClockParts.ca10-MAKE OFFER
carspeakers.ca11-MAKE OFFER
industrialfans.ca14-MAKE OFFER
krismer.ca7-MAKE OFFER
underlayment.ca12-MAKE OFFER
tileflooring.ca12-MAKE OFFER
OakFlooring.ca11-MAKE OFFER
LuxuryCamping.ca13-MAKE OFFER
agripreneur.ca11-MAKE OFFER
skal.ca4-MAKE OFFER
accountsreceivableinsurance.ca27-MAKE OFFER
comefromchina.ca13-MAKE OFFER
myvehiclepage.ca13-MAKE OFFER
TorontoAlcoholDelivery.ca22-MAKE OFFER
corkfloor.ca9-MAKE OFFER
kelownavacationrentals.ca22-MAKE OFFER
TaxSettlement.ca13-MAKE OFFER
OutdoorTiles.ca12-MAKE OFFER
CloudMiner.ca10-MAKE OFFER
SilverBullion.ca13-MAKE OFFER
TorontoInsuranceBrokers.ca23-MAKE OFFER
designershoes.ca13-MAKE OFFER
outdoordecor.ca12-MAKE OFFER
outdoorequipment.ca16-MAKE OFFER
MotionDesigner.ca14-MAKE OFFER
Bobbi.ca5-MAKE OFFER
RiskPro.ca7-MAKE OFFER
comy.ca4-MAKE OFFER
Acclamation.ca11-MAKE OFFER
Sharechat.ca9-MAKE OFFER
Modeler.ca7-MAKE OFFER
ARMedical.ca9-MAKE OFFER
MyGanja.ca7-MAKE OFFER
leti.ca4-MAKE OFFER

There is one in there I really like and the price is great

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Sponsors who contribute to keep dn.ca free.