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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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dn.ca runs on multiple cloud servers and does not usually go down but today March 10th we have been up and down numerous times and I have checked all cloud servers and backup servers which seem to be functioning normally. I think I have the issue traced to a dns issue which is hosted via whc so I have opened a ticket there to see what can be done to speed up the process and to see if they are aware of the problem.

On the whc status page I see they have experienced dns issues on other servers today so I can only deduce this might be a similar issue. WHC Status

The reason I m sure it is a whc issue is because I use the dns for a number of my business sites and they are all on different servers and none are reachable meaning it can only be a dns issue.

Some of you will be able to get on while this issue gets resolved, I can get on via my desktop which uses a adguard vpn but I cannot get on via my cell phone and other devices.

@FM maybe you can speed my service ticket along.
I haven't noticed any issues. Not that I was on much.
Screenshot (4).png

Looks like my assumption was correct, seems fixed now.

Thanks @silentg for bringing it to my attention
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All this gets me to thinking though.... the cloud servers running DN.ca have redundancy where if one server goes down the next one takes over and the experience should be seamless.

What got me to thinking this was a DNS issue was that the servers were up but DN was unreachable. Then when I checked MapleDots.ca was down, my tow other business sites were down and some of my mock websites for domains were down.

They were all on different servers from cloud to Google cloud to Shopify etc.

What they all had in common was the DNS was hosted at WHC so that lead me to the decision it was a DNS issue.

A few of tools I used...

IP blacklist check: IP Blacklist Check | Check Blacklist of Domain, Email, IP address - Site24x7

Google flush DNS: Flush Cache | Public DNS | Google for Developers

DNS Checker: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool
This explains it. I was about to post about this, but WHC.ca is currently unreachable for me.
Yeah I noticed that when I tried early morning. Now everything is back up and running, thank you.

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