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Nov 4, 2020


2022 Kawasaki Z900RS​

My new toy, arriving Saturday

Will have these customized plates

Screenshot (91).png

See it here: 2022 Z900RS Motorcycle | Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc.
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Why is this in the domaining section?

Because I am promoting DN.ca everytime I go out, even to the cops when they pull me over. :ROFLMAO:

It's probably no secret that my son and I love anything that rolls, we rent dirt bikes, have electric bikes, skateboards, roller blades and go to every car show.

I told my son I would buy this bike when I sold a specific domain and fortunately it sold a few weeks ago.
It was a long hard haul, the transaction took over 6 months but it brought in just enough to get this little baby.

My reward for all the hard work.
Tell us more about the bike, I'm clueless about these things.

If I ever taxidermy one of Canadian amazing wild animals perhaps I can make a bid for a temporary unofficial mascot:)
Tell us more about the bike, I'm clueless about these things.

It's basically this speed bike


But retro styled to look like a classic bike.


I am an avid biker and have tons of Motocross experience and have had cruisers and a 900 Ninja so I have the ability to ride a powerful bike. Yet a part of me yearned for an older bike I had back in the day and this bike combines the super speed bike with the classic.

This was my first cruiser a Suzuki GS650 Shaft Drive and I wanted to get back to that look but in DN.ca colours ;)

Ordered my custom plates last week


$310 bucks - same price for cars - YIKES!!!

Picking it up today Saturday, had some delays with the heated grips and grab bar I had installed so today is the big day and of course RAIN :mad:

Will post actual pics when at home, I am so excited, I feel like I'm a kid again!!!
Thatā€™s a sick custom plate.

You must be able to check what's available when going through the order process online? I don't mean to suggests it would have better (not at all), but did you check for other options just for fun? Like "DN","Canada" "Maple", "Frank", "domains" or anything else? I checked out your gov website as I wanted to peruse myself (out of curiosity) but I got held up at the point they asked for the provincial DL number.

Of course I checked Maple first but the plate cannot be the same as something taken on a car so the choices are limited.

DN CA made sense to me because a domain sale paid for the bike.

I have a a 3 letter... LLL CA on my Palisade as well and I have retired my MAPLEONE plate, it is hanging in the rec room.

I am more inclined to use domain space ca for my plates now, it kind of appeals to me.
I hate to say it but safety would be my concern if I had much love for riding and there are always fast wild things dwelling in the forested areas.


Drove it 100km back to my place today in a blistering wind, it felt like the wind wanted to pick me up over 80km per hour.

I think bike riding time might be over for this season.
Nice bikes, but I'm even more impressed with how clean your garage is. That looks nothing like my garage. šŸ˜
Thats only a portion of my garage, the other side has the car in it but yes the garage is my hobby place, it has a work bench and lots of storage cupboards. My son and I keep it clean when we work on the toys.


All ready for winter​

My application for the dn.ca licence plate was rejected.

Reason: Drugs & Alcohol

I was told I could appeal, which I did and even though I linked them to this topic they said their decision was final and I could not appeal a second time.

I was pretty stunned until I saw this :LOL:

Screenshot (50).png

"dn.ca" - Google Search
Got insurance today and the range went all the way from $78 per month to $240 per month with ThinkInsurance.ca giving me the cheapest quote.

There were lots of nice .ca's in use for insurance comapany quotes..


and lots more

The one I went with was: ThinkInsurance.ca


Got a new toy last week, gonna race it a bit until my son gets it next year and my new racer comes in.

It's scheduled for some new pipes and mods and its off to the races.

PS. That green is the official Kawasaki Racing Green, most of our other bikes are blue or red but this one caught my eye.

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