DNForum.com and AcornDomains.co.uk Launch joint Premium Memberships (2 Viewing)


Jul 1, 2022
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Maidstone, UK – September 22, 2023 – DNForum.com and AcornDomains.co.uk, two prominent platforms for people with a shared interest in domain name investing, proudly announce the introduction of joint Premium Memberships. These memberships aim to enhance user experience and provide exclusive benefits to established domain name companies.

Both forums are active domain name marketplaces and also play a crucial role in opinion sharing about the domain name industry companies, provide networking opportunities, help users to solve various problems related to buying, selling or parking domains, and are the friendliest large domain name forums in the world helping to connect with like-minded individuals and professionals within the domain name investment niche. Our Rule #1 is: Do not insult any other member. Be polite and do business.

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Some pretty hefty membership fees
$25K ANNUALLY for a platinum? 😱

How many great .ca’s can one buy at that price and IMO, a much better value. But all the power to them if they can get people to sign up for that.
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Official Premium Memberships

Some pretty hefty membership fees

Well... I hate to say it but you can always spend time on a nice Canadian Forum that's 100% free for everyone to use.
Those are some absurd fees for a pretty dead forum.

Honestly, those are absurd even for a very active forum, especially in the domain field.

The value proposition is not there.

Helmuts seems to greatly overvalue what he has.

These type of statements are misleading about the current state of DNF -

DNForum.com, founded in 2001, stands as the oldest active domain name forum, boasting a community of over 536,000 members.

When I just checked right now, there are currently (5) members online.

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