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Nov 6, 2020

Do we need a hall of shame for Canada? Has anyone heard of a reverse domain hijacking?
I'd say unless someone is repeatedly being a real jerk, a Hall of Shame is really unnecessary. Shaming has become a sport lately and and it's too easy to do it just embarrass people who don't share a certain point of view.

We have enough "real world" problems that we don't need to import this into our little corner of the internet

Just my $0.02CAD

Edited to add: Also, unless you have Rick Schwartz money, being sued for libel or defamation could get pretty expensive I imagine
RedRider said:
Do we need a hall of shame for Canada?

Well, that's a deep subject (haha), and it depends on how you define a hall of shame. But I'd say generally speaking, no, possibly unless it's repeated and egregious.

RedRider said:
Has anyone heard of a reverse domain hijacking?

Yes. Zak Muscovitch has won at least one .CA case of RDNH with a judgment of $5000 against complainant.

Note that CIRA cannot force a complainant pay. All they can do is prevent a complainant from submitting another CDRP until after they _have_ paid all previous judgments. So winning RDNH would require you go to court to enforce any judgment, unless of course they just volunteer to pay it, which, I highly doubt.

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