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Nov 4, 2020
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We have a topic here about the impending price increase at CIRA

CIRA is raising prices

So with a buck increase we also have to factor in a registrar markup of some kind so I would think the end increase would hover around the $1.30 mark.

I've purchased a few catalogs not that long ago and I'm sitting on the fence on hundreds of domains and quite honestly I will probably let my dollars talk when the increase comes and I'll let thew majority of them drop. We just had a buck increase not that long ago and quite honestly another buck is going to hurt them.

We are already noticing around 10,000 domains per week dropping on the TBR and I predict this to be only the beginning once the price increase comes.

How am I so sure about this?

Well if other domainers do like me and drop hundreds of domains CIRA will feel it in the bottom line.

That is how we voice our displeasure.

@richard.schreier - how seriously has CIRA contemplated the risk of another increase?

Who else plans to drop domains when the increase comes?

PS. CIRA won't see it right away because my domains will drop over the course of a year as they expire but given the current TBR the writing is on the wall.

My advice to CIRA would be to hold off, consumers are being hit from all sides and caution is my best advice.
How can we justify another 10% increase, what are we being offered in return when we were just hit with a 10% increase?
Well, it definitely factors in. Some domains might have to be dropped.

I highly doubt CIRA is concerned in the least bit. It is a monopoly after all, and they need to increase their cash on hand to expand the empire, and/or just give your money away to someone else.

And unless more than 10% of all .ca domains get dropped due to the price increase, they'll still make more money anyways.
It won’t make a difference….drop because you need to drop. I’m more concerned with CDRP panelists telling us that asking 10K for a domain is excessive.
I don't think it will make much difference to me in deciding to drop or not. I'll still use the same criteria I always use. The price has kind of creeped up and this next increase adds only $10 to a 10 year registration for example, so more important is do I think the domain has enough value on it's own to keep. If they jumped the price by $5 or $10 in one shot, then yes that would be more of a factor for me.
The proposed price increase has been implemented in an effort to maintain our competitiveness in the global domain name market and offset global inflationary pressures that are impacting our operations. This is only the second price increase in the history of CIRA and the first since 2018.

It will offset increased costs in operating and promoting the .CA registry. The rise of cyber threats has also placed more pressure on the security infrastructure required to keep the .CA domain registry safe.
I will definitely drop more after the price increase, as I'm mathematical about my portfolio and some domains will no longer have a positive expected value. If the estimated sell through rate x BIN price (minus commission) is less than the renewal fee, I drop the domain. I'll likely end up dropping a few dozen extra geo names that were hand regs.
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I will definitely drop more after the price increase, as I'm mathematical about my portfolio and some domains will no longer have a positive expected value.

Exactly and adding a $1.30 or so to each domain, when you might be holding several thousand in your portfolio, will have a cascading effect on both pricing and retention. That's assuming you're keeping track of your P&L.

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