Do you think? .Si domains will gain momentum? (1 Viewing)

Who knows if .SI will take off, or start showing up more in the DN Journal sales reports.

I'd say the term AI is a lot more known to the public than SI, but that could change if companies start using the acronym more and more.

After seeing so many big .xyz domain sales, and then .ai domain sales, I'd say sure, anything is possible!

There may be companies or words where the term SI is better suited than AI.

As it said above, doesn't hurt to register some keywords at $12 bucks a pop, I just wouldn't go crazy with it. If it does gain traction and you start seeing .SI domain sales popping up, by then it's too late.

.SI is for Slovenia, it seems to be an open extension that anyone can own.
I'd bet on .bot before betting on .si ... not financial advice, DYOR, yadda yadda.
I think .butt has more potential than .bot :p

I mean... Who wants their site to be considered a bot?
Someone registered sh i (DN is switching the word to cr ap)


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