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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

I received an email from
Believe it or not but it actually goes to a godaddy parked page - Say WHAT!!!

If I click the "Reserve your spot" link it goes to:

Which then promptly forwards to:

OMG - Lets count all the mistakes in this advertisement...

1. Address is a 3 word domain with a misspell. Who the heck does that when you can register half the dictionary in 3 words?

2. goes to a godaddy parked page. Really? - headscratch

3. They are using a sub domain to forward to their real domain Why not just use the whole domain parked at godaddy?

4. Their real domain is technically a 3 word (I know, two words and numbers) but really, they need to use smartz instead of smarts? They cannot find two other words in the English dictionary to combine with smarts?

So in closing lets analyze their real end domain...

or is it



So many no no's here if you are going to be using a 3 word domain for business.
(Yeah I know I am counting 360 as a word, but technically it's even worse than a word because it could get mistaken for two words)

Anybody else got any opinions on this?

PS. Through all of this the real deal is easily available to register
It was an advertisement for software and the reserve your spot link worked and went to a completely different website from the master domain.

Follow all my links in the opening post and you will see what I mean.
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