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Feb 20, 2021
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Wanting to liquidate and was curious as to what reference price would be suggested by an automated appraisal tool. I recognize that each tool uses a different formula, and that such tools have significant limitations (especially if comparable sales are not found), but I was surprised at the big pricing gap between tools. Estibot gave a price of under $100, Godaddy was $858, and PC Domains was $3,199. Have you found any one automated tool that bests reads the current market value of .ca domains?
My sales are almost always multiples more than godaddy's valuation, from a couple X to well into double digit factors. I closed escrow today on a domain that was 9x the godaddy valuation for a two word .ca domain. Granted, the godaddy valuation was only 500 and change, so its not hard to come up with a good multiple on a low valuation.

Don't forget that GoDaddy only makes money if there's a sale. Its kinda like your local real estate agent. They want to make the quickest sale possible because any variation in price doesn't really affect their commission by much. So the goal is to sell as quick as possible to minimize the effort. So they only care about a QUICK sale, and that means a low price. Their valuation tool is always low. That tool is there to set expectations for the buyer as well as to lower expectations for the seller. That benefits Godaddy. So take their valuations with a grain or two or three of salt. will consistently give a higher value then anyone else for .ca domains, but also they are most in line with my actual sales. Graen also gives two values, sort of a sell-it-quick price and a long-term-hold price. I only pay attention to the high (long-term hold) price. Sometimes my sales are even below the graen price, sometimes above. If you're shooting for a price point, Graen is almost always the highest valuation. The only catch with Graen is that sometimes they won't have a value for more obscure .ca domains such as multi-words, it'll just show an error page.

What are all the various valuation tools out there? Godaddy, domainindex, estibot,, graen are ones off the top of my head. Are there any other valuation sites that anyone can think of that handle .ca domains?
Out of curiosity, I compared a few of my newer technology domains. Interesting results.

PC domain appraisal listed value of at $6,388, whereas GoDaddy estimated value to be near $230.

Other notable large price difference was with, as PC appraisal indicated $2,662 compared to GoDaddy near $120. was the other domain that showed a big gap in appraisal pricing. PC indicated value near $4,700 whereas GoDaddy estimated just under $300.

With all three domains, there is an inherent future element (domains align with a yet to be fully adopted technology). So the use of past sales maybe not a strong indicator for appraisal algorithm in this instance? I notice a similar result with these domains when plugging into Estibot.

What are your thoughts on the accuracy of PC appraisals in these instances? In the ballpark?
those appraisals are all over the place. I'm more surprised when the agree than when they disagree.

There are just so many factors that could be added into an appraisal, and when they're automated, which they most certainly all are, then any one of those factors can be significantly off and skew the whole valuation.
CanuckDomains said:
What are your thoughts on the accuracy of PC appraisals in these instances? In the ballpark?

I can't really speak to the accuracy but they are owned by Sedo (or are related), so they must at least have a lot of sales data to work with.

I got hooked up with a business membership at, and learned they have 5 different options you can select for appraisals. If you don't have a membership they will use the "Default" option. They do provide a short explanation for each appraisal option. See below:


Those with memberships also get more info, or a breakdown, of the appraisal. Here's yours for (sorry about the shitty image quality but it gives you an idea):



Edit: If you look closely you'll see is only appraised at $139, using the same appraisal option, so something is out of whack there.

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