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Dec 19, 2020
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Found this thread on Reddit:


The 61 comments that follow make for an interesting read. Everyone has an opinion, most of which are completely wrong and show they have no idea how things work, especially expired domains and the TBR process (as well as the CDRP process).

Not surprising but some people think we're all "scumbags", "bottom feeders", and "the worst of humanity".

Funny how people have so much hate for domainers simply because they made the mistake of letting a good domain expire or can't get the domain of their choice for $10. Some people just don't get it, or just let their emotions get in the way of truly understanding the value of domains.

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Yeah these domain squatting squatting scumbags need to go. Definitely some of the worst of humanity.
Purchasing a domain makes us some of humanities worst, right alongside murderers and rapists.

I wouldn't let that thread bother you. Anyone who makes money is a bottom feeder according to Reddit.
Ah, the old, "idiot without even a clue of what he's talking about goes off on a Reddit Rant and finds similarly insulated and unschooled sycophants to agree with his bizarre ideology"?

This crap happens a thousand times a day on Reddit and no one cares. Reddit is a human garbage can without a lid.
I kinda feel bad for the guy given that his son is deceased but i bet he'd be happy as a pig in sh*t to sell the domain if someone offered him 5-10K USD for it.
If he acted like an adult and posted this in a nicer manner, then I might feel sorry too, but after reading his idiotic drivel one more time, I'm doubting he even has a son.

Think about it - there is absolutely no site data on, only a few 404 errors from no nameservers or hosting, and somehow this "magical domain" is how he wants to remember his dead son... Yeah right, makes total sense, huh? More like some dipweed who forgot to renew a domain and cooked up a story to gain more sympathy. Dead relatives are always a good angle to use online.

And as we all know, Reddit is full of liars, with guys pretending to be girls, old men/women attempting to be teenagers, deadbeats playing as CEOs or Bitcoin Billionaires, HS drop-outs portraying themselves as Harvard or Yale PhDs. etc.

How can you tell if a Reddit user is lying?

His fingers are typing.
silentg said:
Majority of posts on Reddit are not even true. It's just karma farming.

I had to google karma farming.


Makes sense. I was wondering how some comments with bad advice had 500+ upvotes.
MapleDots said:
Can't try to explain how domaining works to a bunch of hotheads

Plus, they're all pretty mad about losing their life savings on stupid Stock Market group plays and Ponzi Scheme Crypto HODLs. :D
I try to avoid Reddit at all costs; so much stoopid there.

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