Domain investor received bad news via the UDRP process (1 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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Poliedro is the name of a Brazilian company, founded in 1993; they have been using the domain since 1998.

In Portuguese and Spanish, the word “poliedro” stands for “multi-faceted” as in the Greek word “polyhedron” – having many sides as a geometrical shape.

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Apparently, PPC links on the domain’s parked page pointed to the Complainant’s web site, triggering the UDRP filing.

That is why the Bodis integration in scares me a little bit, you really give up a lot of control when random links are attached to your domain.
I believe I may have said it before and I’ll say it again but it’s mind boggling as to why anyone would put ANY ads on a premium domain. If you’re that hired up for cash, sell the domain.

If you have a running website with ads on it then that’s a different story. But to just park a premium domain with ads, it makes zero sense to me.
Agreed, and I also love how Domain King Rick constantly tells investors the first thing to do is load ads and get the "domains paying for themselves", but without any context.

Rick has more money that God, has owned most of his domains since the Internet started, can fight off any spurious UDRPs, and usually only puts ads on 100% generic words or terms. Newbies who follow his advice with a domain just bought from GD Auctions and they're inviting a world of pain.

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