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Jul 1, 2022
Preventative controls - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Domain name is a powerful and forward-thinking choice
for startups in the healthcare, wellness, and technology industries.
This one-word domain exudes a sense of proactivity and preparedness,
suggesting a focus on prevention rather than just treatment.
The ".xyz" extension adds a modern and innovative touch,
perfect for companies looking to make a bold statement in their respective fields.
With its versatile and memorable nature, is ideal for businesses
dedicated to promoting well-being, security, and longevity.
Its simplicity and brevity make it easy to remember and type,
ensuring strong brand recognition and online presence.

Potential End Users For
Health and wellness companies
The term "preventative" evokes a sense of proactive care and maintaining good health,
making it appealing to companies in the healthcare, fitness, and nutrition industries.
Insurance companies
The term "preventative" suggests protection and risk mitigation, making it a suitable choice
for insurance companies looking to emphasize their focus on preventing potential issues.
Technology companies
The use of the ".xyz" extension gives a modern and innovative feel to the domain name,
making it a good fit for tech companies offering preventative solutions or services.

20 home pages
Good google search
Good rating via NameJet

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