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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Domain privacy with .ca names is pretty straight forward, cira does all the heavy lifting and verification and the form to make contact is pretty straight forward.

Contact a domain holder [ shortcut: ]

That said, domain privacy is probably one of the best ways godaddy and other resellers have to encourage you to pay commission on sales.
If the end user has no way to contact you they are more inclined to use the aftermarket and you end up paying a commission.

I know, I know.....

A lot of you will say the end user can contact you through the proxy form. When is the last time you did that on a .com?

The process can be intimidating even to an experienced domainer, especially because there is no consistency, each aftermarket network decides for themselves how they will handle that and how difficult they will make it for an end user to contact the domain owner. It is in their best interest to make this process as cumbersome as possible.

I like thew CIRA form because it allows potential end users to contact the domain owner easily.

That said I would prefer if the link was highlighted in yellow or something.

For my other domains I am thinking about turning privacy off, I can make a email address and set up proper gmail filters to easily filter the inquiries.

I would not be surprised if inquiries go up if and when I make this change.

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