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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Rick Schwartz has a private account so here is the text.

Stop using unqualified brokers. Stop using invisible brokers. You're better than that.

Here are 21 top sales aids. Use them!

1.Your domain should speak for itself and sell itself. Shut the f*** up.

2.Your email address and being listed in whois is the single most important thing for sales not listing it everywhere with invisible and WEAK brokers that simply get the email instead of you and get 20% for it. Are you helpless, lazy or foolish?

3. Talk less.

4.Ask questions MORE.

5.Don't make statements.

6.Don't try and sell!

7.Don't be quick to give a price. Be vague.

8.Don't be scared to lose the sale because you're gonna lose 99.9% if you do it right.

9.Learn to walk away and shut the f*** up

10.Learn to say no. NO! NO!!

11.Learn the art of selling

12.There's no domain wanted by a third-party that isn't worth maybe six figures today.

13.Stop cutting your own price! Are you stupid? You should be getting two or three offers before you even think about cutting your price. Stop being a weak ass pussy!

14.stop focusing on their funding or the value of their sector. You're out of bounds when you do that. Foul!

15.Focus on the value for them of a new customer. What is the lifetime value of each and every customer??? That's the focus! That's how you build value.

16.And that's why you should stop giving prices and build value. They can ask the price 10 times that doesn't mean you have to answer it. That makes them talk to you whether they want to or not if they're serious. And if they're not serious, it's OK they get angry. That's when it's time to stop answering their emails.

17. So if the very first thing you do, when you buy a domain is list the domain you are on the trail of a novice, and are stuck in a place that will never give you the financial independence that you are looking for.

18.Stop buying pigeon crap. I haven't bought a single Domain since the beginning of January. Why? I haven't found a single Domain worth investing in. Right name, and right price.

19. Never ever ever ever ever contact a potential client before they contact you back. NEVER! It just proves how desperate and weak you are and you are done at that point

20. Responses should not be many paragraphs long. They should be pithy. Short and sweet. One word. One sentence. Stop selling the domain name. Wrong direction.

21. Create moving parts in a negotiation, other than the price. You need moving parts to create a formula. A formula trump's a price. A formula creates points of negotiation. A price does not. A price is one dimensional. A formula addresses many needs.

Good luck and stop being stuck!!

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