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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

Deepak Daftari
SOLD another .com - $48,000

Too bad he does not know how to secure his domains, not only is he using the most insecure email provider in the world YAHOO, but he is also proudly displaying the email address for all to see.


Yahoo has been hacked more than any other email service and chances are he is using that email address in his domain registrations.

I left a nice message on twitter which was liked numerous times telling him to use a different email provider.

One can only give advice *DONT_KNOW*
I would further that recommendation by adding "don't use any email address for registrations that you do not have full control over".

For example, Bell and Rogers (and any other ISP) has been hacked multiple times and continue to freely give away your account to any 3rd World scammer who calls in. These big companies just don't care and give your data away like candy. I will never use any email for anything money-related that I don't control the DNS on.

And even then, 2-factor on that as well, just to be sure.
One could argue with that as well because the email address you have control over is only good as long as there are no registrar issues. If your registrar is godaddy and they lock you up you lose email if it is tied to that account.

gmail is the best security in my books, I even use a yubi key so I have a hardware lock.

It's all over :poop: where someone has an email address. That domain gets locked and they have no more access to email.
I don't use GD, or any large registrar, for any domain I actively use - only small Canadian companies that I literally know the owner.

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