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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Here is a little write up about .co domains and why they are supposed to be so great:

Now in actual use I think they are one of the worst domains from almost all extensions.

So lets pretend your company uses the domain name

The client accidentally punches in the .com and up comes a totally different website.

The client then goes back and tries to enter the domain again but auto complete keeps putting in the .com and the client has to type in and then hit the space bar or it will again default to the .com.

In my opinion ANY extension even .horse is better than a .co because the mix up with .com will never end and we have not even touched upon the email fiasco associated with the domain yet.
Of course I was kidding about .horse :p

[notify]mikeyboy[/notify] has a domain for sale called so I decided to type it in in the following extensions.

and a few more

Took me 3 tries to get the .co to work after I had punched in the .com

Seriously I would NEVER use a .co in business.
.COM is the legacy domain extension with more than 100 million registrations. Stick with .com if you're OK with the status-quo. .CO on the other hand is fresh, shorter, social, and... it's available! With an increasing number of people web browsing on mobile devices, the need for short and memorable web addresses has never been so important.

Time to drop 'legacy' domains.. unless we want to just say 'status-quo'... (also: shorter!)

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