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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

By now most of you know that is a google based privacy search engine. They use the google infrastructure but stirp out any part that would compromise privacy and security in your search.

However the domain was owned by google and always forwarded to google search very much frustrating the owners of DuckDuckGo. The domain made it's way to Google, after it acquired On2 Technologies (previously known as The Duck Corporation) back in 2010. In late 2018 (after 8 long years) Google relented and transferred to DuckDuckGo. We are all inclined to say what a kind gesture from Google but the reality of the situation is Google needs small competitors to meet with EU antitrust legislation. Having point to google would surely have caused more headaches for Alphabet.

Since 2018 the domain has simply forwarded to leaving some of it's user base frustrated that such a great domain name has never been fully utilized. Sure it's a quick way to get to but anyone would argue that a full rebrand to is the best use of the domain.

Today we see the beginning of a new email service by DuckDuckGo which allows users to get email addresses without having to switch email providers. DuckDuckGo promises to strip out all privacy related items and forward your email to your regular gmail, outlook, yahoo etc inboxes.

In theory it is a great way for DuckDuckGo to get their feet wet without having to actually host email and getting into giant server farms.


The link above will explain the new email service but the exciting part about this for domainers is to finally see a great domain like be put to use.
It would be a nice upgrade. How to get the invitation code?

Found the answer:
Text Box:
We’re releasing our Email Protection feature into beta. To get invited, join the private waitlist from the settings of the DuckDuckGo mobile app.

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