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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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There has been some kind of a rift and a number of members have split from Acorn domains and formed a new forum called UKDNF.

I'm just starting to get all the details and I am hearing bits and pieces from both sides.

The main thing I have to say about this is it's a shame to split up the resources. Usually this happens when one party is not listening to the other and a mutual understanding is not reached. If you listen and truly try to meditate instead of enforcing you can usually avoid such situations.

I remember when I was mod on another forum, I would basically respond to each of the conflicting parties and ask them how they feel the situation could be resolved. I was never in favour over totalitarian enforcement, instead I wanted to focus on guiding members to a resolution. That is why we have minimal rules here and we have guides not enforcers.

I'm excited to see the new forum but I'm also sad to see they could not reach a mutual agreement. Now the member base is contacting and blocking each other trying to get the upper hand, not the best case scenario, but technically that is how DN.ca came to be when the totalitarian forces at namepoos were in full display.
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That did not last long, seems he found out how tough it is to run a forum.

There are 2 more UK forums that have split form Acorn but it is my believe that Acorn continues to be the place to discuss UK domains.

@Helmuts is a nice guy and I find it hard to believe anyone would not be able to work out a disagreement by contacting him directly.

DNforum.com is also getting a new life and with the new added features I see a bright future for a once stagnant brand.

Acorn Domains Now Deleting Posts​

Acorn Domains Now Deleting Posts

Good ole Helmuts has been active this morning, attempting the internet version of book burning and censorship. Why is he going to war with his members? How does this benefit him and Acorn Domains?

I've been sent screenshots of the posts, likely because the sender knew they would soon be deleted. They were proven right within the hour. The posts, as you can see below, ask very good and respectful questions.

UKDNF is down, Ryan Ewen Why?​


Every industry has its cranks, and I genuinely believe the biggest crank in the UK domain industry right now is Ryan Ewen. He’s off the Dulux Colour Chart. I wasn’t too bothered initially, everyone has the right to be a bit eccentric - but I recently became aware that he’s threatened the UKDNF.co.uk forum guys with legal action.

UKDNF Gone Permanently​

UKDNF Gone Permanently

In my previous blog post, I mentioned why UKDNF was down and who was behind it. Recently, I had a bit of correspondence with Ryan Ewen. For reasons I’ve already mentioned in my previous blog post, my take on him is that he’s an idiot and a fantasist, and since that correspondence with him, my feelings on that have only strenghtened. I did remove my last post, I was under the impression the forum would return and whilst I was annoyed, best to let sleeping dogs lie. But now the forum is not coming back, Ryan's walking away scott free and most people don't know the hand he played in it, and I think it is important people know the part he played and that previous blog post should return.

Anyway, he's in the past now, there is no point in discussing him any further.
Ohh, I'm getting a headache

What would I have done different?

I would simply have moved the topic to the hushed forum and let the members discuss what they needed to. Censorship never works, you see that with the many splits from nameporos and now acorn.

Members hate being deleted or silenced when they have things to say and the best advice I can give anyone is to run a forum the same way as you would your google reviews. You cannot delete them and you cannot force change when someone makes a review. You can however post underneath and explain in your own words why the interaction with the customer did not go as planed.

I'm sad to see the forum close but I'm more sad about the split in the industry, I made it a point never to allow things to get to that point on DN.ca. In a similar situation I would engage the members and ask them how they feel I should handle the situation in an amicable way and how we could prevent the situation from harming the Domaining Industry. We are all here to sell domains and working together achieves more than division and if you expect a member to respect you then you have to respect the member as well.

This entire topic makes me sad, I don't think anything positive comes from the split, and now shutdown, other than we can learn from it and make sure similar events don't repeat.
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