Dynadot's Ridiculous Ownership Verification (1 Viewing)


May 9, 2024
A few days ago, I discovered that someone was selling my domain 5a.xyz at a low price on Dynadot’s one-click purchase.

It was just listed, but the domain has been in my possession for several months and I did not list it on Dynadot. So, I contacted Dynadot to ask how someone could list my domain without ownership verification.

Dynadot responded that since it was listed, it means the seller has ownership and advised me to contact the registrar of 5a.xyz to confirm if I am the owner, completely denying any issues with their ownership verification system.

As a result, I listed 5a.xyz on Dynadot myself and discovered that 5a.xyz could not be sold again. Now I’m waiting for Dynadot’s explanation.

The solution is really quite simple, make sure whoever your registrar is that they do not participate in fast transfer, or one click purchase of any kind.

For the life of me I don't understand those people bragging about oneclick or fast transfer. If you should happen to have a valuable domain sitting at one of those registrars it's only a matter of time until something you did not want transferred out does.

If your domains are safely nestled at a registrar that does not participate in that, and you have two step verification turned on, then it really does not matter who lists your domains. A number of my domains are listed at godaddy and sedo where I did not list them, they are in someone elses portfolio and I figure they have to contact me if the domain sells, I don't particularly worry about it. I know charge.ca is still at sedo along with a bunch of others and they never did honour my request to remove it.
Do exactly what your'e doing, post it all over the place until you get their attention.

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