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Nov 4, 2020
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Does anyone on the forum own ?

I forward all my domains to my online store (it puts the domains to work) but looking through my webstats I saw a domain I did not recognize and when I punched it in I was surprised to see it land on my online store. My domains use security certificates so as soon as I saw non secured I knew it was not my domain. Sometimes its hard to tell because I have so many that the odd one slips my mind and I have to punch them in to see if it is mine.

Nonetheless this one is not mine and is obviously someone forwarding it...

Seems odd, there is nothing to be gained by this so I thought I would check here first to see if someone is playing a joke or something.
This one makes my head hurt. I would think there would be a reason behind it but who knows what.

Maybe send him a message through whois and thank him for the redirect. See if he writes back. :)
I would think this person knows you're a domain investor and this is a strategy to get your attention... (ie buy their domain). points to a website at
That site has an HTML based frame redirect to points to a website also at
That site has a 301 redirect to

That IP is owned by Godaddy - so I suspect it is their redirection host/IP. was dropped on 2011-11-02 and then again on 2016-12-28. was then registered (not picked up in TBR) on 2018-01-08

My records indicate that [notify]MapleDots[/notify] owns, right?

I'm guessing the previous owner of also owns
The previous settings to redirect econsumer to must never have been changed in the past 3+ years since they let expire.

I don't have any records of who owns though. It has also never been dropped in TBR that I'm aware of. has been redirecting to your sites since at least 2017. used to be a bitcoin website.

Their last pitch on that facebook account was in 2017. If he bought a shitload of bitcoin like he was preaching back then, he likely no longer gives a rats ass about .CA domains, lol.

Actually, since it was already redirecting to your sites in 2017, before was last registered in 2018, that means there must be some other connection too... are you sure you never owned econsumer?
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rlm said:
My records indicate that [notify]MapleDots[/notify] owns, right?

Yup is mine

Quite a bit of sleuthing there [notify]rlm[/notify]

Now the question I have for you....

HeHe What is MY Records in your quote above? some secret database?

PS. Funny it has not shown up in my google analytics until just now, I even went back and checked.
yes, its my secret database :)

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