top 10 grossing domain brokers for 2024 (1 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
Here are the top 10 grossing domain brokers for 2024:

1) Andrew Rosener
2) Andrew Miller
3) Jeff Gabriel
4) Steve Miholovich
5) Brian Harbin
6) Matthew Chase
7) Brent Oxley
8) Ryan McKegney
9) Mark Daniel
10) Joe Uddeme

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The top grossing domain broker for the year is Andrew Rosener of Media Options. I believe Andrew has won the award the last 6 years and been on the list every year since its inception 8 years ago. Andrew Miller of Hilco Digital was second on the list and Jeff Gabriel of was third.

I might have to give another look
FYI, that's the list for 2024, not 2023. I should know; I was #4 on the 2023 list. ;+)
Congrats Bill. May I say that you are the only one who understands the .CA market among all others. I have received offers from the winners found in "Masters of Domains" at XXX to XXXX for domains I value at mid/high XXXXX. Thank you for your knowledge in the space and too bad these "other" winners think .CA's are cheap and disregard it's value.
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Bill is great. Is there more .ca brokers?

Well, by his own admission Bill deals mostly with .COMs but being Canadian, he obviously gets the opportunity to snag a few .CA domains for clients.

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