EURO 2021 Soccer (1 Viewing)

Nov 18, 2020
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Anyone watching the Euro soccer tournament? Every day there's two or three games, personally I love it. Don't have time to watch each game during the week but definitely catch all the highlights. Lots of other soccer tournaments going on too this summer around the world for men and women, Gold Cup, World Cup qualifiers, Olympics, etc. great time to be a soccer fan!

At the last Euros in 2016, Portugal beat France in the final.
The copa america has been much more entertaining, until the last 2 games SUI/FRA and CRO/SPA.

We'll see what the next round brings :)
It's hard to keep up with all the soccer games and tournaments going on. All the Euro games have been on tv so it's been easier to watch, though I did see the end of the Brazil Colombia game last week. Too bad they don't have all the games on DAZN.

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