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Feb 20, 2021
Have two domains that are ideally suited for a forum/community website for electric vehicle drivers in Canada. Definitely an emerging market.


Managing forums/community can be time consuming, but can they be revenue generators? I’m assuming that a forum would need to be fairly large to gain traction for ad revenue. Considering developing.
Take a look at odoc.ca, a website dedicated to Canadian DeLorean owners. I believe they had a forum. I'd say majority of their revenue comes from people listing their vehicles on the marketplace as well as affiliate commission through their partnerships with parts & autobody shops.

I'd focus on the two streams of revenue mentioned above as they seem to make the most sense. Want a used electric vehicle? Check out the marketplace. Looking for an autobody shop that exclusively service electric vehicles? Visit (insert shop name here) and tell them we referred you for $(insert dollar amount here) off.

Best of luck!
If you can attract the necessary user base and traffic, revenue opportunities will come.

Getting in early on emerging markets always give you an advantage for success and traction.

Great names for your purpose. I think they may be unique enough for trademark. Something to consider.

All the best!
Ev is definitely a growing niche and only getting bigger, I was looking at one stat the EV sales grew by 85% from 2020 to 2021.

I think those domains would be a good fit for a forum. I own. GoElectric.ca I have had some interest but no one with $.

good luck

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