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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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We made a few changes to the board today...

1. The Buy & Sell section has been eliminated and incorporated into the Talk .CA section. At this point we have enough sales platforms like,,, etc. I don't think needs a dedicated Buy & Sell section and from the look of it it was under utilized anyways. Members are welcome to sell, show off their domains, or post a for sale link, in the section as long as they follow the Board Rules.

2. The TBR section has been made member only and is no longer accessible to google indexing. This change was made to encourage member participation without the worry of TBR purchase pricing, or discussions being indexed on google.

3. We are a .CA community and talk about other extensions in not the reason people visit our community. So we incorporated the other extension talk into the newly minted Speakers Corner forum which was called "Off Topic" before. So basically ANYTHING that is not about .ca will be archived into this section. We renamed this forum to encourage members to banter back and forth about any topic they may want to chat about.

4. The Trusted Member section remains the same except we will no longer be granting early access to this forum. Trusted Member status is a privilege and we will no longer be granting it early without the member having achieved a minimum of 100 quality posts. Service Reps are exempt from this policy because they may want to discuss the possibility of special deals for Trusted Members or they may want to respond to a criticism about their service without it being indexed on google. Trusted members have also gained a couple of new perks like not having board email restrictions of 1 every 5 minutes. We expect that Trusted members will never spam so we see no reason to have spam control for them.

5. I have added a separate domain services section where we can discuss web services like registrars, marketplaces, webhosts or the likes. This is an also ideal section for the Service Reps to market their companies sales and announcements.

6. I have started a new topic to report SOLD .CA Domains. I thought we would use one topic to report all known .ca sales, that way the newest sale always comes up as the latest post and members can just scroll backwards if they want to see older recorded sales.

7. The Trash Bin has been renamed to Recycle Bin to show members that old or obsolete topics can be restored if they wish to restart a conversation. Also sending a topic to Trash has a negative connotation and we never want our members to feel their input is not appreciated or that it did not contribute to the community. Recycle Bin has a much friendlier tone to it and probably will not make anyone feel bad when a topic is moved there. The Recycle Bin is only accessible to staff members.

[h] The forum rules have been updated to reflect the changes made today.[/h]

I hope you like the changes, they were all made to streamline the board and instead of trying to grow into something we are not I have decided to focus on our strengths and that is .ca news and services. We will never grow into a massive community but we will have a small tight informative site that will be our little area of the internet to discuss .ca news.
Wow… that’s a lot of work Frank. *THUMBSUP*
Today I added more detailed descriptions to all the forums to guide members to the proper forums.

I also added descriptions to show which forum is or is not indexed, member only, or private.
Love it, nice and clean!

The recycle bin, why not just leave old posts in their respective section? Does anything ever become obsolete? Just curious :)
Good question...

Old for sale topics where people have deleted the domain names.

Spam posts & Malware posts, so we have a history.

Duplicate posts etc.

Also old announcements, quite honestly over half the posts in there are mine when an announcement is no longer relevant I traditionally move it but I don't want to delete the posts in case we need to refer to it in the future.

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Sponsors who contribute to keep free.

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