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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I started out using cPanel for my email and made local email accounts but soon found a number of shortcoming. If I was on a shared server then email stopped functioning if that server was blacklisted.

Then I decided to move to google apps paid gmail and my email consistently ranks 9.5 out of 10 on the spam list. I cannot remember anyone ever saying an email ended up in their spam box.

Most services that forward email end up having problems of some sort and then I have to try and figure a way through it so I was glad to pay google for rock solid email.

Now the fun part....

I have a number of blogger websites and decided to transfer the domains to google domains just for the sheer simplicity of it. One of the domains gets a ton of traffic and emails and when I transferred it from godaddy the google domain control panel automatically transferred my google apps and blogger settings. Virtually zero down time.

Now it gets really interesting....

I transfered 3 domains in total and I decided to use the google free forward feature where it forwards the mail to my free gmail account. From there on it gave me instructions on how to send out using me@mydomain through my free email.

To my surprise it also scored a near perfect rating on the spam lists at

So I gave it the ultimate test, I disconnected my google apps account and used the forwarded email setting for one of my high traffic and email business sites. After one week of operation I am happy to report a near perfect email score and not one lost email or customer complaint that the email went to spam.

Google Domains might cost 2-3 bucks more but in the end the worry free setup, free email, and instant connection to any google services kind of make it worthwhile for some of my domains.

Ps. The DNS settings and sub domains are also supper easy with Google Domains.

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